PLEASE DO NOT Cancel your current account with your provider as we cannot port a closed account . We recommend closing the account only after your number has been successfully changed / ported

£20.00 per each rejection (the majority of the time this is because of incorrect completion of the form so please take great care with the data you supply) We recommend that you contact your existing supplier and get the follow information directly from them

  1. Installation address (this may be different from your billing or physical address and the term installation address is a telecoms industry term that is associated to your phone So please do not guess this and is by far the greatest reason for a rejection fee
  2. Ask your supplier whether the telephone number that you are porting is classed as a single line or multi line ( there appears to be no rhyme or reason why a line might be a single or multi line, we strongly advise with your supplier as this may have nothing to do with how many lines YOU have)
  3. Who does your supplier use as a Network Service Provider? (for example, if your supplier is Talk Talk, they may use BT as a Network Service Provider or maybe Talk Talk Business)
  4. Please check with your supplier whether there are any other telephone numbers associated to the number in question (there have been occasions where a customer has tried to port a number only to find out that there are numbers that they were unaware of associated to the number they were porting. These numbers may not be billed to you but may have belonged to a previous tenant and the supplier may not have disassociated the number correctly.

£20.00 for any date change/cancellation

You may need to print this so you can refer to it when you speak to your current telephone services provider