bluetoothnetworkAs everything today – from PCs to headphones and cameras – offers it as a feature, you may be wondering what is bluetooth exactly?

The senior director at Bluetooth SIG, an organization composed of 25,000 companies who support the bluetooth technology, the name ‘bluetooth’ was chosen after Danish King Harald Blatant. Nicknamed Bluetooth by his Viking friends, he ruled from 958 to 986 AD and was the one to unite Denmark and Norway. The name was chosen for the wireless technology back in the 1990s because as King Harald united the warring Norway, Sweden and Denmark, this new technology is designed to help different gadgets connect with each other.

So, What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard used globally that allows you to connect different devices such as computers, headsets, smartphones, cameras, TVs and more, over a certain distance. Bluetooth connections are very secure and less likely to cause interference to WiFi connections or cordless phones because it uses a radio signal  technology that can jump between 42 different channels hundreds of times per second.

Bluetooth is also available virtually everywhere, is easy and inexpensive to use and uses low power to run.

How does it work?

Bluetooth uses radio waves to connect to a computer. There are no wires or cables connected on either devices. A product that features bluetooth has a bluetooth and radio software in a computer chip embedded in the product. That chip allows the device to connect with other devices that also have bluetooth.

If you want these devices to connect and “talk” to each other, you need to pair them. This communication or connection between bluetooth devices happen over short range, ad hoc networks that are called piconets, or networks of connected bluetooth devices that can include two to eight devices. The creation of a piconet is dynamic and automatic, as each bluetooth device enters or leaves the proximity. In a piconet, one device becomes the ‘master’, while the others are the ‘slaves’.

Bluetooth connects devices wirelessly, so you can use your headset with your phone, car or computer speakers conveniently. It is also the same technology used in security systems and smart homes to connect lights, door locks, home theatre, CCTVs, home appliances, central heating system and virtually anything that can store a bluetooth chip to an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Today, there are four versions of bluetooth technology. The very first one was designed to use for streaming of data and is used in many audio devices like speakers and headphones. The newest version is called Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.0 allows for communication between more devices, and can run on a single coin cell battery for a couple of years.


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