Voice to text is a service that’s taking over more and more industries.

Voice to TextWhat is Voice to Text?

Voice to text, also called speech to text or voice dictation, is the conversion of spoken words into typed messages using an application, a platform or a service. It was originally developed as a technology that would assist the hearing impaired.
Older programs had a big learning curve on speech recognition and took time to be trained and to learn a person’s speech and voice to make accurate conversions. However, advances in technology has taken care of this. New voice to text programs can understand an average person’s speech with no training needed.

What are the benefits of voice to text services?

Typically seen in applications for smartphones or as a feature in graphical word processing programs like MS Word, it helps speed up typing. See, no matter how fast we can type, it will never be as fast or faster than the speed in which we talk. Hence, using voice to text services can help save time and increase efficiency at work.
Voice to text is also useful when you have to type or send an SMS while you are driving or walking. Many smartphones also feature other voice to text features such as using it to make search options or writing emails.

Voicemail to Text

An additional feature that many businesses and individuals alike can get is voicemail to text. This feature transcribes your voicemail for you and sends it through a text message or an email. It usually only takes minutes for a user to receive the transcribed SMS or email after the voicemail has been recorded.
This is especially useful for people who are on the go or those who are always travelling. It allows the user to see and read their voicemail even at times when it may not be appropriate to pick up their phone and call their voicemail number. Because the voicemail is now in text, there is no need to write down important information from the voice messages, there is always the option to go back and re-read them. In addition, users can still listen to their voicemail whenever they want.

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