After Skype was down for over 15 hours this year with no real explanation during the time of the outage to its users, many businesses are not sure they feel comfortable trusting Skype for Business as a solution for their telephone needs.

It seems the big names in reviews seem to agree that Microsoft is not ready to be trusted with our precious business connections and conferences.snom-keypad-2[1]

Though most reviews say it is not ready, the community in large seems to agree that Skype for business is one to watch and that if you use Office 365 already it may be the next logical step in your business depending on your needs says in no uncertain terms to SKYPE in march of this year to “get your S*&# together” and lists many complaints that they have in using Skype products themselves.

Its app in iTunes only has 1.5 stars and users complain it is glitchy, buggy and is missing on too many key features.

PC Mag even states it lacks the features of a fully fledged VoIP and gives it 2.5 out of five stars saying it fall short of other VoIP packages for business which have features such as voice menus, auto-attendant functions, the ability to use extensions, call queues and hunt groups to just name a few. If you don’t like Office 365, then you won’t like this service as you will be forced to use it as a portal for this service. It calls the service “bare-bones” at this stage in its development and does’t feel it is a true business class service yet.

CloudPro gives 3 out of 5 stars and says the service doesn’t feel finished and that its app still does not allow mobile users to view powerpoint presentations.

On the review stars are much more positive giving a 4out of 5 stars but take the time to read the reviews and you see a larger picture of bad user interface and confusing integration once deeper in. The four star reviews even mention that the app can be very buggy.

Top ten reviews has removed Skype for business from its top ten giving it 6.5 out of 10 stars saying it is not the same value for money as other VoIP services.

Revuezzle gives it 5 out of 10 stars for no phone support and incapability issues with some computers, also stating that the service is a bit thin on features. A note here to potential users though there may not be phone support, Skype does have a live chat service which we think in most cases is just as good mentions potential problems with voicemail and that they dropped the preview of the app when they found they could not use a normal VoIP handsets with the service.

Some reviewers say if you are already using office 365 and don’t need much from your service then it might be useful but if you need more from telephony and you want a service that will grow with your business contact us today to get free advice on what VoIP can do for your business.