phoneHave you ever tried to port your landline number to your mobile number? Is that even possible? Here’s some useful information for you.

Telephone number portability has come a long way since it was first invented for phone company Siemens. Not only has it been made more convenient for customers to keep their phone numbers, in the UK, it has been made faster too.

Porting” is the process of transferring the management and service of a telephone number to another service provider. By ordering a phone number porting, customers are able to keep their existing telephone numbers as they change providers. Customers can port both landline or fixed line numbers, as well as mobile or cellular numbers.

Many decide to port their phone numbers because it allows them to take advantage of plans, products or services from a new provider, without the hassle of changing their number and having to send that new number to their contacts. Porting is especially helpful for businesses, as there is no need to change business cards or print ads and their clients will not even know that they switched providers.

In the UK, the process of porting has been made convenient and smooth by the regulatory board Ofcom. Service providers are required to provide the Porting Authorization Code within 48 hours. The code will remain active for 30 days. The customer can then give the code to their new provider whenever they are ready – after they have chosen the plan or phone that they want. The porting process must be completed within 32 days from the time the PAC was released.

Can You Port a Landline Number to a Mobile Number?

The answer to this is yes. In fact, you can also port your mobile number to a landline. If you wish to do this using the same service provider, give them a call and tell them that you wish to transfer your landline number to a mobile number.

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