voicemailVoicemail is the voice message that a caller leaves a if you dont pick up the call. You are able to record your own outgoing voicemail message, or can utilise our default system message.

Once a message has been left for you, there are a number of ways of retrieving and listening to that message:

  • Via a VoIP-enabled device such as a softphone, hardware phone or APP
  • Calling into the system using a landline or mobile
  • Listening to a recording via the web
  • Listening to a recording delivered to your nominated email inbox.
You can download the voicemail from our online control panel to store on your local device or alternatively save the attached file on the email you will receive.

You can setup multiple mailboxes for daytime and out of hours use with our Multi User Call Forwarding/VoIP and Super Switchboard Call Forwarding/VoIP packages.

The following Packages offer Voicemail: