UK Geographic virtual telephone numbers are telephone numbers in the UK that begin with 01 or 02. These area codes are also known as STD codes (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) and are the prefixes that are usually designated to a specific town or city.


There are currently 3 sets of area codes for the London area and we are able to supply two of them consistently (0207 & 0203). We have a few 0208 numbers available at a premium price.
0208 telephone numbers are no longer being issued by OFCOM, who are now releasing 0203 numbers as a supplementary range to the 0208 numbers. In actual fact, the area code range for London is 020, however, popular usage has lead to these number ranges being referred to as 0207 (inner London), 0208 (outer London) and 0203 (all of London).

Rest of UK

We supply virtual telephone numbers for all the major cities and towns in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and can reach even the most remote parts of the UK covering over 600 hundred area codes. Click here to learn more about other numbers in the UK.
If you are marketing to a particular area, our database can show you useful demographics for each town or city. Just go to our London page or Rest of UK page to view all the stats. We can also show you which areas a specific code covers, e.g. 01753 covers the following exchanges; Slough, Windsor, Gerrards Cross, Fulmer, and Farnham Common.

We are also able to show areas nearby to a town as below.

In many towns and cities we are able to provide memorable numbers. These are particularly useful if you want a telephone number that can be remembered at a glance, e.g. on the back of a vehicle, signage, television or radio advertisements. We also supply taxi companies with memorable numbers.