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A Universal Toll Free Number allows you to have one phone number that will work for over 40 countries. Universal Toll Free Telephone Numbers (also known as UIFN) look like the following 00800 xxxxxxxx. Please see below for a list of the countries that are included in this service.

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universal toll free number

Toll free numbers are very common and have proven successful for businesses, mainly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. With the help of a universal toll free number, you can make it easy and seamless for your customers to reach you without any hassle. Your customers will not be charged if they call on your universal toll free number.

If you need to setup a toll free number in the USA and Canada, a £1000 payment is required as a set-up fee per country and the cost to receive calls to UK landlines would be 15p per minute at all times.

If you need to route a universal number to a non-UK landline, please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing details.

If you would like to purchase a Virtual Landline Number in over 4000 cities rather than an Universal Toll free number please visit International Geographic for more information.

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