Do you need to buy a local phone number in the London area?

We can provide virtual telephone or fax numbers for anywhere in the UK and most of the world.

0203 numbers cover the whole of London and were introduced because OFCOM has run out of 0208 numbers and is running out of 0207 numbers.

Customers who may be interested buying an 0203 number can cover the whole of London and will benefit businesses who wish to be associated with one of the most vibrant cities in the world where many blue chip companies have their base.
London numbers are recognised across the UK and throughout the world and can add prestige when giving customers a London telephone number to call.

To buy a number for London see our package comparison table below or call us on 01753 624121

All London phone numbers begin with 0203, We also provide you with numbers for nearby exchanges and will show you included exchanges as well.

Map of London

City: London

Country: England
County: London
Area Code: 0203
Population: 8630000
Average House Price Paid: £536,718
Average PCM Rent: £2,331 pcm
Social Grade:
  • AB 48%
  • C1 30%
  • C2 3%
  • DE 18%
Main Political Party: Labour Party

You can use the data below to find out important demographic information for any area code. Just go the following website and you will be able to find out:
  • How many residential and non residential premises are served by that exchange
  • What type of broadband is delivered to that area
  • Which cable providers are available
  • Which other telecoms operators also operate in that area

Exchange NameMDFIDDialling CodePOST Code
MoleseyLSMOL020TW12 2SJ
SurbitonLSSUR020KT6 6AB
TeddingtonLSTED020TW11 8JD
Thames DittonLSTHDT020KT7 0EX
ChessingtonLSCHES020KT9 1ED
EwellLSEWE020KT17 2AZ
Worcester ParkLSWOR020KT4 8AA
KingstonLSKIN020KT2 6RP
MortlakeLSMOR020SW14 8AW
New MaldenLSMAL020KT3 4QN
RichmondLSRIC020TW9 1LW
PutneyLSPUT020SW15 2LB
WandsworthLSWAN020SW18 1SJ
WimbledonLSWIM020SW19 4SR
MitchamLSMIT020CR4 3UA
North CheamLSNCHM020SM3 9TB
Sutton CheamLSSUT020SM1 1BA
PurleyLSPUR020CR8 4DA
SandersteadLSSAN020CR2 0YE
WallingtonLSWAL020SM6 8SE
West WickhamLSWWKM020BR4 0QF
CroydonLSCRO020CR9 1PA
NorburyLSNOR020SW16 4DD
Thornton HeathLSTHO020CR7 7JP
AddiscombeLSADD020CR0 6RQ
BeckenhamLSBEC020BR3 6LJ
Beulah HillLSBEU020SE19 2QH
SydenhamLSSYD020SE26 6EF
BalhamLSBAL020SW17 7TL
Merton ParkLSMEPK020SW19 3NH
South ClaphamLSCLPM020SW12 9RA
Gipsy HillLSGIP020SE21 8DW
StreathamLSSTR020SW16 2PS
Tulse HillLSTUL020SW2 4UP
Hayes CommonLSHAY020BR2 7LE
BexleyheathLSBEX020DA6 8DU
ThamesmeadLSTHMD020SE2 9RR
BromleyLSBRO020BR2 0EQ
ChislehurstLSCHI020BR1 2BH
SidcupLSSID020DA15 7ED
CatfordLSCTFD020SE6 2NZ
DeptfordLSDEP020SE8 4DQ
Lee GreenLSLEE020SE13 5PF
DulwichLSDUL020SE22 8NF
Forest HillLSFOR020SE23 2PP
Rushey GreenLSRUS020SE6 3AT
GreenwichLSGRNW020SE10 9XG
WoolwichLSWOO020SE18 6AL
ElthamLSELT020SE9 6SG
Grove ParkLSGRO020SE9 4NT
KidbrookeLSKID020SE18 4LH
FinchleyLNFIN020N3 1HJ
New SouthgateLNNWS020N11 1NP
North FinchleyLNNFN020N12 8QA
ClaptonLNCLA020E5 9JZ
Stamford HillLNSTA020N15 6HR
Highams ParkLNHPK020HA1 1RQ
WalthamstowLNWTH020E17 9BE
Bowes ParkLNBPK020N22 5LA
TottenhamLNTOT020N17 9SZ
Crouch EndLNCED020N8 8BA
Muswell HillLNMUS020N10 3AY
PinnerLWPIN020HA5 5AD
ColindaleLWCOL020NW9 6LB
HendonLWHEN020NW4 3AQ
Kenton RoadLWKROA020HA3 8DQ
KingsburyLWKIN020NW9 9EL
North WembleyLWNWEM020HA9 8LU
Bushey HeathLWBUS020WD23 1FE
EdgwareLWEDG020HA8 7BA
ElstreeLWELS020WD6 1AU
Mill HillLWMIL020NW7 3BU
North EdgwareLWNEDG020HA8 8JJ
StanmoreLWSTAN020HA7 4AX
HarrowLWHARR020HA1 1RQ
Hatch EndLWHAT020HA5 4JB
BishopsgateCLBIS020E1 6NJ
Stepney GreenCLSTE020E1 0HA
WappingCLWAP020E1 8LQ
FaradayCLFAR020EC4V 4AA
Fleet StreetCLFLE020EC4V 4BU
MonumentCLMON020EC3R 5AQ
MoorgateCLMOO020EC2Y 5EJ
St PaulsCLSTP020EC4V 4AA
ClerkenwellCLCLE020EC1V 3QN
ShoreditchCLSHO020E1 6JN
CanonburyCLCAN020N5 1HJ
Kingsland GreenCLKLG020E8 2LA
Covent GardenCLCOV020WC2B 5HF
HolbornCLHOL020WC1V 7EJ
Kings CrossCLKXX020WC1V 7EJ
Lower HollowayCLLOW020N7 8BH
Upper HollowayCLUPP020N4 3LL
Albert DockLNADK020E16 3BD
StratfordLNSTF020E15 1AF
Canary WharfLNCNW020E14 8EZ
Dz2LNDZ2020E14 8EZ
PoplarLNPOP020E14 8EZ
HackneyLNHAC020E9 6NP
Mile EndLNMED020E3 4SP
LeytonstoneLNLEY020E10 6NN
Upton ParkLNUPK020E13 9AX
WansteadLNWSD020E11 2TB
BatterseaWRBATT020SW11 1JN
New CrossCLNEW020SE15 2DP
WalworthCLWAL020SE17 2HH
BrixtonWRBRIX020SW9 7NU
SouthbankWRSTHBK020SE1 8PH
SouthwarkCLSOU020SE1 4LT
BermondseyCLBER020SE1 5RN
Nine ElmsWRNELMS020SW8 4UQ
VauxhallWRVAUX020SE11 4EF
ChiswickLWCHI020W4 4PH
HammersmithLWHAM020W6 9LQ
CricklewoodLWCRI020NW2 3DS
Golders GreenLWGOL020NW11 7NL
HarlesdenLWHARL020NW10 4UJ
WembleyLWWEM020HA9 7EX
WillesdenLWWIL020NW10 2BX
ActonLWACT020W3 9NY
Kensal GreenLWKGRE020W10 4NB
Shepherds BushLWSHE020W12 8NH
EalingLWEAL020W5 5DA
PerivaleLWPER020W5 2XP
GreenfordLWGRE020UB6 9AH
NortholtLWNOR020UB5 5JF
South HarrowLWSHAR020HA2 0BE
SkyportLWSKY020TW6 2RT
T5 HeathrowLWXEK020UB7 0FX
FelthamLWFEL020TW13 5AF
HounslowLWHOU020TW3 1BD
IsleworthLWISL020TW7 6AR
Kneller HallLWKNE020TW2 7BE
TwickenhamLWTWI020TW1 3JS
HayesLWHAY020UB3 2HU
SouthallLWSOU020UB1 3EY
PaddingtonWEWPAD020W2 1QS
Paddington NorthWEWNPN020NW1 5BZ
HampsteadWEWHAM020NW3 6EX
Maida ValeWEWMAI020W9 1QD
Kentish TownCLKEN020NW1 8PD
MayfairWEWMAY020EC4V 4AA
Primrose HillWEWPRI020NW8 6LL
EustonCLEUS020NW1 2BH
BloomsburyWEWBLO020W1T 4JZ
MaryleboneWEWMAR020W1U 5EL
PimlicoWRPIM020SW1P 1EE
WestminsterWRWMIN020SW1H 0AY
WhitehallWRWHI020SW1A 2DB
ChelseaWRCHEL020SW3 6AP
BelgraviaWRBEL020SW3 3AB
SloaneWRSLO020SW1X 9DF
BayswaterWEWBAY020W2 4LG
Kensington GardensWRKGDN020W8 5BX
South KensingtonWRSKEN020SW3 3AB
Earls CourtWRECT020SW10 9TB
FulhamWRFULM020SW6 1TH
West KensingtonWRWKEN020W14 8PQ
Parsons GreenWRPGRN020SW6 3BN
EdmontonLNEDM020N18 1QU
Palmers GreenLNPGN020N13 4LG
Ponders EndLNPON020EN3 4BS
Winchmore HillLNWIN020N21 2AD
BarnetLNBAR020EN5 5EP
EnfieldLNENF020EN2 6TQ
HainaultLNHAI020IG7 5DY
BarkingLNBKG020IG11 8JE
DagenhamLNDAG020RM10 8DR
ChingfordLNCHF020E4 6QX
Gants HillLNGHL020IG5 0BA
LoughtonLNLOU020IG10 1AF
WoodfordLNWFD020IG8 0BS
GoodmayesLNGDM020IG3 8RW
Ilford CentralLNILC020IG1 1BX
Ilford NorthLNILN020IG1 4TL
ExchangesDistance to LondonDirection to London
0208 London1 kmsame
0207 London1 kmsame
0203 London1 kmsame
01689 Orpington21 kmNW
01707 Potters Bar22 kmS
01372 Esher24 kmNE
01737 Redhill25 kmNNE
01708 Romford26 kmW
01322 Dartford26 kmWNW
01959 Westerham26 kmNNW
01883 Caterham27 kmN
01895 Uxbridge28 kmESE
01992 Lea Valley28 kmSSW
01923 Watford28 kmSE
01784 Staines29 kmENE
01932 Weybridge30 kmENE
01753 Slough31 kmE
01727 St Albans32 kmSSE
01474 Gravesend35 kmWNW
01375 Grays Thurrock35 kmW
01732 Sevenoaks37 kmNW
01277 Brentwood38 kmWSW
01920 Ware38 kmS
01306 Dorking40 kmNNE
01293 Crawley42 kmNNE
01438 Stevenage42 kmSSE
01276 Camberley42 kmENE
01494 High Wycombe42 kmESE
01344 Bracknell43 kmENE
01342 East Grinstead43 kmN
01483 Guildford43 kmNE
01279 Bishops Stortford43 kmSSW
01634 Medway44 kmWNW
01628 Maidenhead44 kmE
01442 Hemel Hempstead44 kmSE
01582 Luton45 kmSSE
01268 Basildon48 kmW
01245 Chelmsford49 kmSW
British Museum

For those looking to extend their customer base to cover the area of London and its surrounding areas, we offer 8 different telephone packages and 1 fax to email package to suit your needs and budget. To buy a virtual local telephone number for this area, please call 01753 624 121see the packages and their features below.

Simply Call Forward
Advance Call Forward / Single User VoIP
Super Call Forward / VoIP
Follow Me Call Forwarding
Multi User Call Forward / VoIP
Super Switchboard Call Forward / VoIP
Virtual Switchboard Call Forward
SIP / IAX2 Trunks*
£0 setup
more details
£0 setup
more details
£0 setup
more details
£19.95 setup
more details
£5 setup
more details
£24.95 setup
more details
£19.95 setup
more details
£0 setup
more details
Call Queueing
Welcome MessageCreate welcome messages that play a recording before connecting to an operator more details
Call QueuingPlace callers in a queue until an operator becomes available
Music / Message in QueueRecord your own marketing message or upload music more details
Queue Position AnnouncementAnnounce your caller's position in the queue more details
Call Routing
Time of Day RoutingThe ability to send calls to different destinations at based on the time of day
Hunt GroupsCreate groups of operators that can be called all at once or in sequence more details
Calendar Based RoutingRoute calls based on chosen dates in a calendar
Caller ID Based RoutingRoute calls based the caller ID of the caller more details
Conference RoomsCreate conference rooms & invite participants who can join the call with a PIN Code
Pin Access ControlCreate VIP phone access or dial by extension directories more details
Online Account Management
Call StatisticsDetailed call information for all calls e.g. length of call, caller’s phone number & more
Online Account ManagementManage all aspects of your account via a web-based control panel. more details
Payment by Debit / Credit CardPay manually or set up card mandate using web-based control panel at any time of day.
Payment by Direct Debit (UK Bank Account Holders)Set up direct debits to service your account
Payment by Credit Top UpMake advanced payments using credit or debit card.
Online InvoicesReview invoices & statements online in your control panel
Ability to UpgradeThese services can be upgraded, enabling you to add more features.
Expand Number of UsersAs your business grows, add additional operators to make and receive calls.
Ability to Update Contact DetailsEasily update your contact details and billing address using a web-based control panel
Voicemail to EmailReceive voice mails as an email with a voice file attached.
Voice Mail to TextHave your voicemails transcribed and delivered to you as a text message or written email. Extra costs apply.
Voice MailListen to your voice mail using any telephone.
SMS MessagingReceive SMS text messages to your email or send / receive via your web-based control panel.
Make / Receive / Divert Calls
Receive FREE Inbound calls via VoIPReduce costs by receiving calls to your VoIP device.
Divert Inbound Calls to UK LandlinesThe ability to receive calls to a UK landline
Divert Inbound Calls to Mobiles / Cell PhonesThe ability to divert calls to UK mobiles.
Divert Inbound Calls to International Landlines & MobilesThe ability to divert phone calls to International landlines & mobiles.
Call BarringBar phone calls or send to voicemail based on the caller’s phone number
Call RecordingThe ability to record inbound and outbound calls
Integration to Live Answering ServiceThis service is compatible with our own and third party live answering services. Extra charges apply.
Outbound Caller IDPresent the number we supply you when making calls or where applicable any number that you own
Ability to save on International Roaming CostsDivert mobiles to a UK landline number which then diverts internationally
Devices Supported
All DevicesReceive and make calls on any type of phone.
LandlinesReceive calls to any landline anywhere in the world.
MobilesReceive calls to any mobile in the world.
SoftphoneReceive calls free of charge to a soft phone downloaded onto your PC/Mac/Laptop
App on Smartphone / TabletReceive calls for free when connected to ADSL/Fibre broadband by downloading an app
Cordless VoIPBuy a base station and receive/make calls using a cordless VoIP phone.
VoIP Desk PhoneUse an executive VoIP desk phone with multiple features to make/receive calls.
WebphoneLaunch a web-based pop-up phone to make and receive calls.
Call Handling
Attended TransferTransfer calls to a third party & speak to the third party before connecting to the caller (VoIP only).
Unattended TransferTransfer calls directly to a third party(VoIP only).
Mid Call DivertWhen using a landline or mobile, divert calls to a third party.
Three Way Conference CallsInvite a third party to join your call.
Call WhisperHave the nature of the call announced to you before connecting to the caller.
Voice Menus
Single Level Voice MenusAllows user to press 1 (or 2, etc.) to go to the desired department.
Multi Level Voice MenusCreate a 2nd or 3rd level of voice menus allowing you to fine tune where to direct calls.
Voice Menu Voice PromptRecord your own personalised messages or recorded by a voice artist.