If you have travelled internationally before and tried to use your phone, I am sure you might be interested to know how to avoid roaming fees that can easily go crazy.

Roaming can be very helpful when you’re traveling. It makes it easy for you to use your phone abroad, and you can contact home, send text messages, make calls and even brows the net. However, roaming charges can easily pile up without you even knowing. Here are some tips to avoid roaming fees.

How to Avoid Roaming Feesvoip

  • Change your settings. Before you fly out, change a few settings on your phone. Switch your mail settings to manually ‘fetch’ rather than to automatically ‘push’ new mail on your device. This will allow you to manually download your emails rather than letting your phone do the job every hour or half hour, using more data. Each email can be a few kb, and regularly downloading emails on auto pilot can easily bring up your roaming bill. You can do the same for other apps on your mobile that provide push notifications such as social media apps. Also, disable automatic downloads and updates of your apps. You can restrict this activity to take place only when you’re using WiFi.
  • Consider getting an international data plan. This will help you manage your data use while you’re traveling, and you won’t be charged her kb used.
  • Or get a local SIM card. This may not be very convenient if you’re only staying in that country for two days, but if you are traveling for longer periods, consider getting a prepaid local SIM that you can use. Local SMS, calls and data charges will be cheaper rather than using your roaming number.
  • Use WiFi. Use your hotel’s WiFi whenever your there, and perhaps download all your emails before you leave the building and all the apps that you need while you are connected to WiFi.  Also consider getting a WiFi device that you can carry around with you. The bundled plans for a WiFi device is typically cheaper than using mobile roaming.
  • Be smart with voice calls. Need to call someone? Use your WiFi and call using Skype, Viber, Whats App, or other applications that will allow you to make voice calls and video calls without charges.
  • Use offline maps. If you’re being adventurous in unknown land, mobile maps can be a big help. Choose to use maps that work offline so you need data or find WiFi connection for it to work.
  • or call us and get advice, many of our packages offer VoIP options that can offer creative ways to save money when calling from most any country in the world.

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