If you are thinking about call forwarding, you are in the right place.

Call ForwardingWhat is Call Forwarding? It is a redirection feature on a phone number, whether mobile, landline, VoIP or cable telephone, that allows a user to direct incoming calls to another destination. This destination can be another landline number, a mobile phone number or a voicemail box, where the party can be reached.

How does it work?

After porting or buying a virtual from us, it is as simple as going to our online control panel and filling out a calling plan or just putting in the number that you wish to divert to. The package that you get with us dictates the features that come with your number. You could have a virtual number up and running within the hour.

Our system allows you to:

  • have call logs
  • divert to a phone service outside the UK
  • make multiple phones ring at the same time
  • allows you to have different phones ring in different sequences
  • you can set up time of day routing patterns, CLI based routing and calendar based routing
  • you can bar calls
  • you can have menu options

What is some added functionality to call forwarding?

Call forwarding can use many advanced features. Hunt groups is a feature that redirects the call to several phone lines, one after the other or at the same time. This is not to be confused with sequential dialling which is where call centres might generate a list of every possible phone number in all telephone exchanges located in an area and each number is called in turn.

You can create a hunt group of people with different phone numbers and by using simultaneous dialling you can make all the people in the groups phones ring at the same time. This is not to be confused with the practice of simultaneous dialling which is used by cold-callers who spam a group of different phone numbers in the hope that at least one person will answer. These automated marketing calls have been an industry problem and results in many silent calls which are disturbing to person who receives the call. Ofcom has tackled this situation to aid the person suffering from nuisance calls such as this.

In our upgraded packages the user has the option to assign more than one number to forward calls to in case one or more lines are busy or not available. The call is initially forwarded to the primary line and if it is busy, the call is forwarded to a second pre-determined number. If the second number is not available, the call is then forwarded to the third number, and so on.
If you have  Multi package with us simultaneous calling. Here, the incoming call is forwarded to several numbers at the same time.

If you have many numbers being directed to the same phone then consider getting our call whisper feature to have a voice let you know the nature of the call before connecting it.

Benefits of Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a great feature to use especially for businesses because it can greatly decrease hold time or the chance that a customer will reach a busy line, and can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction.
For smaller businesses, or even for personal phones, using the service means you will not have to miss important calls even when you are not home or at your desk. Check out our call forwarding or call diversion packages or contact us 01753 624 121 today and we can help you with any questions free of charge.