Are you looking to hire a virtual receptionist for your office?

Truly, the world has gone digital in almost every way imaginable. Today, you can even hire a virtual receptionist, a more friendly and personal option to the traditional answering services who will sound like she’s actually sitting in your office.

Let’s Define: Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist refers to someone who answers the phones and performs other duties of an office receptionist, such as (but not limited to) scheduling and coordination, but is not physically located at the business’ office. Virtual receptionists are often referred to as customer service representatives, answering service agents or appointment schedulers – as long as they are working from a remote location and not on site.

Virtual receptionists can answer the incoming calls for you and transfer the call to the right department as needed, send the call to your voicemail, take a message, schedule an appointment or provide reminder calls.

Benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist

75% of customers calling small businesses tend to hang up if the call is directed to voicemail. You can avoid this massive amount of missed opportunities by hiring a virtual receptionist. Your VR can promptly answer the calls, with no distractions common to workers who are physically present in the office such as small chats with co-workers or other clients. Having someone else answer your calls also frees up some of your time that you can dedicate on other things that need you to be physically present to be able complete.

Virtual receptionists can also cover for you if you have a receptionist at the office who is on break or out of the office, or during peak seasons when you are expecting more calls.

The fact is, not many people would like leaving messages on an voice mail or an answering machine. They’d either hang up or decide to call your competitor and this could mean losing your customer. Having a virtual assistant who is there 24/7 can make the difference. Your company will be able to provide the support that your customers needed and not risk losing their business.

These virtual receptionists are trained, experienced and highly skilled. They are efficient in diary management, call patching or order taking to name a few. They have above average call handling techniques therefore they are able to effectively handle calls from difficult customers, angry customers or distress calls.

The amazing thing is you only pay for when the operator is handling your call with our straightforward 24 hour live answering services, so if there are no calls the monthly fee can be as low as £3 per month.

For more in-depth instructions try our other live receptionist service so you can give detailed and complicated plans on how you want calls handled.


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Here are common businesses who typically hire virtual receptionists:

  • solicitors’s office
  • doctor’s office
  • dentist’s office
  • insurance company
  • catalog retailer
  • floral shop
  • medical offie
  • TV ad company

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