Using VoIP may just be what your business needs to increase the speed of its communication channels and bring down costs.

Also known as cloud telephony, IP telephony or internet telephony, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially Voice Over IP is the ability to make and receive telephone calls using the internet as the medium of transmission.

Devices that can be used include MACs or PCs that use VoIP software, smartphones or tablets with apps, applications on web pages and familiar looking telephone handsets that allow VoIP calls.

One of the top benefits of using VoIP is that you will not incur any additional charges for calls made within the network you are on nor are you charged for any incoming calls.

With IP telephony however, you can actually speak to the other person instead of just sending messages. Some softphone applications will also allow you to see the the other person on your computer as you talk to them, provided that both of your computers have devices that will enable the video call, such as a built in camera.

There are lots of internet telephony applications available today. Some are available for free such as Google Talk and Skype. Free applications are great for personal use, however, for premium use of the service – especially for businesses – it is best to get a bundled or packaged service from a good service provider.

Paid for services add extra stability and a full support network in the event of a problem. In the fall of 2015 Skype had a world-wide crash of their service for 15 hours and users were not notified of any updates for hours relying on 3 tweets the whole day for information. Callsure prides itself on having live humans answering calls during business hours to help you answer any questions you may have about your service.

Businesses can take advantage of a VoIP service for the entire company (or site, if yours have multiple locations). This will allow multiple users in your company to use the service, at a significantly reduced cost to traditional services.

In 2012, there were 143.2 million VoIP users worldwide, and this number is predicted to go up to one billion by 2017. More and more users are turning to IP telephone as a resource in making calls because it is easy, convenient and cost effective.

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