Have you ever gotten so frustrated with your phone service that you’ve considered transferring? You’re probably not alone. More and more people are choosing to switch service providers. Phone companies today are providing more options for their clients that are competitive in the market.

Transferring Phone Number

The Challenge of Transferring Phone Providers

Most people are hesitant about changing phone service providers because they do not want to change to a new phone number as well. This is especially difficult for business owners as old clients will likely be calling them back on their old phone number. But the problem really goes further than just your contact list.

Businesses spend thousands on advertising each year. Think about print ads alone – flyers, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads. All of these have your business phone number printed on each and everyone of them. Changing phone numbers will mean tossing all of these out — and having to reprint them all again.

The Answer: Transferring Phone Numbers Through Number Porting

This does not mean though that you have to put up with the service that you have if you are not satisfied. You can easily transfer a phone number when you switch service providers. This is called telephone number porting. In the UK, a regulation governs this process requiring phone companies to complete it within 48 hours for mobiles after the customer completes the requirements. That’s only two days and you will be happily transferred to the new service provider of your choice, and using the same phone number. No more sending that new number to your entire contact list, all your clients, business partners, suppliers and personal contacts. No need to reprint business cards, streamers and other ads just to change the phone information either.

Today, you can even transfer your landline number to a mobile number and continue to use the same phone number. Porting also allows you to transfer both a regular business number and a toll free number. If you are changing locations, transferring phone number may still be allowed except if you are moving to a location that is outside your local exchange area.

A Few Things You Need To Remember

  • Never terminate your service or contract with your current provider without contacting your new provider first.
  • To start the process of porting your number, contact your new phone provider and give them your phone number and any additional information or requirements.
  • If you are also switching telephone devices, remember to transfer any photos, contact details or any other files or data from your old phone yourself.

If you are interested, contact Callsure Numbers today to start transferring phone number for your business.