Learn more about the benefits of using voice prompt in your telephone system.

Surely, you are familiar with that recorded voice asking you to ‘Press 1 to check your balance, press 2 for sales, press 3 for technical assistance, or press 0 for operator assistance”. But even though voice prompts are very commonly used by many businesses, a lot of people do not really understand the value that it can bring to their company.


An IVR or interactive voice response is telephony system that allows for identifying, segmenting, and routing of incoming calls to the right department in your company. This is all done through the interaction between the caller and the computer using the telephone. The caller can respond to the computer by pressing numbers on their telephone that corresponds to a menu option or by speaking simple commands. It is really a very simple tool yet very efficient and can help significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.


What you can do with your IVRvoice prompt

An IVR will allow you to:

  • Record or configure personalized messages or voice prompts
  • Use pre- recorded messages
  • Gather information about your callers and what they need
  • Direct callers to the information they need without taking to a live agent
  • Prioritize callers based on their value or status
  • Direct the call to the right department or agent
  • Handle high call volume by routing calls appropriately
  • Promote a better, more professional image for your company
  • Get feedback from your customers through surveys

The Benefits of Using Voice Prompt

Here are some of the benefits of using voice prompt in your business:

  • Increase first call resolution – By directing the customer right away to the correct department who is most capable of helping them, there are lesser chances that the customer will get transferred from one department to another, increasing first call resolution.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Because the customer’s concerns are resolved during the first contact and there is less transfer or hold time, customers hang up the phone feeling more satisfied with the service that they received.
  • Increase efficiency – Associates are more skilled at specific problems because they frequently handle the same call types and questions from customers, making them experts in their departments. They will be less likely to consult someone else about specific situations or transfer the call to someone else. The result is a more efficient team, company and employees.
  • Reduce costs – The idea is to use an IVR instead of a receptionist who will answer the calls. They are not only more cost effective, they also help reduce call handle time and increase efficiency, resulting to bigger ROI for the company.

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