icon-voipVoIP services are an inexpensive and versatile group of products. They can replace your entire existing phone system or can be used as a supplementary phone service in your home or home office. The service will typically cost 3 to 4 times less per user than most fixed line services. This averages out at around £3 -4 per month per user.

This service is not location dependent and you can pick your handset/ VoIP device up and use it anywhere that a broadband/fibre facility exists. This means that whilst you are physically placed in one town like Manchester, you can present another town like London, New York, Tokyo, etc as your telephone number.

The services will work on a range of devices including VoIP deskphones, cordless VoIP phones, VoIP adapters(ATAs), apps on smartphones/tablets, soft phones on PC/MACs, and web phones.

light-bulb-iconOur most comprehensive package includes features (all included in the price) such as, voice menus, call queuing, call barring, hunt groups, call recording, and much more.

Single User VOIP

This service allows a single user to make and receive calls using a VoIP device, if you do not answer the call you have the option to send the call to voicemail or forward the call to a landline / mobile. You can even forward calls to a SkypeIN number.

Super Call VOIP

Probably the most comprehensive phone system for a small business or single user.

Includes unique features such as ability to make and receive calls from any type of phone, including landline, mobile and VoIP device. Also has useful features like call whisper, voice mail to email and live answering integration.

Multi User VOIP

A extensive VoIP service with a rich feature set incorporating VoIP and call forwarding. Useful for businesses with multiple users or locations.

Includes features such as voice menus, call queues, call barring, hunt groups, call recording and much more.

Super Switchboard VOIP

Probably the most advanced hosted phone system in the world. This service combines traditional telephone systems and VoIP systems to allow you to distribute calls to whoever you need to. This can be used to make landlines mobiles and VoIP devices all ring at the same time.


A telephone service that will send telephone calls to your onsite enterprise phone server via IP addresses.