Multi-User Call Forwarding/VoIP is one of the most comprehensive phone systems that you will ever need. Now you can have the same kind of system that you might find in a blue chip corporate office at a very affordable rate for even the smallest of businesses.

routingThis system is perfect for both growing and already established businesses, so whether you have 1 employee or 1,000, this package has everything you’ll ever need. You need only pay for the amount of staff that are actually active on the telephone at any given time.

For this package, you would pay a monthly charge of just £8 + VAT a month, and this would allow 2 simultaneous calls to be handled at the same time. If you need 20 users to be active at the same time, we can offer this service for as little as £60 + VAT a month. Each additional 2 users would then cost just £6 + VAT per month extra.

go back to previous pageThis service has many sophisticated features including, voice menus, call queues, time of day routing, free inbound calls and many, many, more.



This service will cost:

Set up fee: FREE

Monthly cost: £8 per month + VAT or less for every 2 users

Cost to receive calls via VoIP: FREE

Cost to divert to a UK landline: 1.25p per minute + VAT during the daytime and 1p + VAT during evenings and weekends (cheaper tariffs are available by using minute bundles please see detailed costs)

Cost to divert to a UK mobile: 9p per minute + VAT during the day, 8p per minute + VAT during evenings and 6p per minute + VAT during weekends (cheaper tariffs are available by using minute bundles please see detailed costs)

Please enter the number you wish to divert to, including the full country code starting with 00  

Telephone Number Lookup

Examples of use

Do you need to receive calls wherever you are? Can’t afford a full time receptionist? Then why not receive all your calls to your mobile when you are out and about then to your landline when you are back in your office/home.

Case Study:

One of our customers was a small business with only two people. They wanted to present a more corporate image to potential clients and instill a sense of professionalism. They knew they could easily supply their customers with great service and compete with much larger firms. However, the only let down is their inadequate phone system which stopped them from answering all the calls that came through to them.

How We Helped Them

We established that they had a very reliable broadband service and recommended our Multi-User Call Forwarding/VoIP package which allowed them to install two phones in their office and one at each of their homes. We then set the system up to segregate their business into four different departments and set up a voice menu to route calls to the correct department.

When a call came through, it displayed the caller’s telephone number as well as the department they were calling. This allowed the business to answer with a relevant greeting.

Case Study:

Another business that we came across was having difficulties answering phone calls when they had increased activity, due to being featured in a local paper. They didn’t have the resources available to hire and then train new people and needed to find a way to handle more calls efficiently. There was also the problem that their business was a 24/7 operation where employees worked shifts.

How we helped them

Our solution was to install a Multi-User Call Forwarding / VoIP service over their existing broadband. This allowed us to set up call queues with different operators scheduled within the queue to match the shift patterns. This resulted in the right phone ringing at the right time and call abandonment was reduced significantly.

The system allowed us to route calls based on the product that the customers were calling about. This was done by putting a voice menu at the front end of the queues with voice prompts directing callers to the right department allowing the person with the best knowledge of that product to answer the phone.

This also allowed for some customers to occasionally get information about the product without having to actually talk to an operator. This was done by adding information to the messages that the caller heard whilst they were in the queue. Callers were also able to hear their position in the queue, listen to hold music, or they could leave the queue and opt to leave a message or choose from many other options.

It was also possible to add operators who could work from their homes using a VoIP telephone. They could still remain a part of the company’s phone network even when working from home. This would give the company ultimate flexibility using operators who could cover at short notice for short periods or even on a long term basis. This allowed them them to outsource workers from other countries, helping them to stay competitive and allow workers to stay friendly to their own time zone.

Case Study:

A company that we work with sells adventure days out, they have 5 people in the office including the 2 owners. The 3 main people who answered the phones sometimes had to be away from their desks. The owners did not want to be disturbed by a ringing phone unless they absolutely had to answer the call. Also when they were supervising a day out, calls will come through at the most inconvenient time.

How we helped them
Using the Multi-User Call Forwarding/VoIP service, we set up hunt groups which allowed the company to choose the order of the people whose phone rang. This ensured that if a call was unanswered, it would go to the next person in the group with the last of the group being the owners. Calls can now be diverted to any available staff when they are conducting adventure day outs.

Case Study:

A web development company that we spoke to had difficulties communicating with different aspects of the agency they freelanced for. Discussions in real time needed to happen with lots of people including the customer, the graphic designer, the project manager, the copywriter and the developer.

How we helped them
Using their existing Multi-User Call Forwarding/VoIP service, we created a voice menu that allowed callers to press 1 if it was a sales call and 2 for support but yet have a hidden function that was not announced in the menu for callers who had received an invite to join a conference call. They could press 9,for example, and be joined to a conference call at a particular time previously agreed. They would then enter a PIN code for that call and join the conversation.

Case Study:

An IT support company wanted to provide tiered support. They wanted to have different levels of operators answer calls depending on the support package the customer subscribed to. They did not want to allow customers with cheaper packages to directly contact admin technicians.

How we helped them
Using the Multi-User Call Forwarding/VoIP service, we created a voice menu that gave options for different level of support cover using PIN access controls the customer was prompted to enter their unique PIN that had been issued to them when they first signed up to their services level agreement. Once the PIN was entered they immediately got through to the correct level of support.

In less busy periods for the high level tech support they were able to add themselves to other queues that handled lower level support to reduce waiting time.


This is very comprehensive with features that can help give any business the edge over their competitors.

Combining VoIP and traditional call diversion technologies means you can stay in touch with your customers, in even the most challenging scenarios.

This service is available in over 650 area codes in the UK and thousands across the world. This package is ideal for any business of any size from a one man band to a multi national corporation.

It’s affordable scalability means you only pay for the amount of operators using the service. Anyone who uses this product has the ability to stay connected whether they work from home, a hotel, in an office, or indeed anywhere with a stable internet connection. Many customers also choose to divert to existing landlines or mobiles which can be in any country though costs vary depending on the destination.

Many of our clients operate on a multi-site business model and need to have telephone connectivity between those sites for which this service is ideal.They can have one single telephone number connecting everyone or choose to have different numbers for each site. They can also have additional telephone numbers for marketing activities and DDIs for individual employees.

Detailed Costs

Set Up Fee: FREE
Monthly Fee: £8.00 Per Month +VAT or less for every 2 users (calls are FREE when received to a VoIP device)
Contract Term: 12 Months then month by month rolling contract thereafter with 30 cancellation notice period

Please note: when calls are diverted from an 0800 telephone number or USA toll free number, please add 3p per minute +VAT to all call diversion costs

Memorable Number Fee (Optional)
£50, £75, or £100 + VAT Cost depends on the number chosen. We can advise on available numbers and pricing when you call us

Discounted Minute Bundles (Optional)
Unlike other providers we change the same rate for your minutes as the rate contained in your bundle.

For example: If you purchase a UK Landline Minutes Bundle of 5,000 minutes this will cost you £25 + VAT per month. This gives you a per minute rate of £0.005 (half pence) per minute + VAT but should you go over your 5,000 minutes we will still continue to change you just a half pence per minute for every call.


There are 3 types of bundles available.

Number of Minutes Monthly
500 £5.00 / month
1,000 £8.00 / month
2,000 £12.00 / month
2,500 £15.00 / month
4,000 £20.00 / month
5,000 £25.00 / month
10,000 £40.00 / month
20,000 £80.00 / month
25,000 £87.50 / month
40,000 £100.00 / month
50,000 £150.00 / month
100,000 £250.00 / month
Number of Minutes Monthly
250 £20.00 / month
500 £30.00 / month
1,000 £55.00 / month
2,000 £100.00 / month
4,000 £160.00 / month
10,000 £350.00 / month
20,000 £600.00 / month
30,000 £900.00 / month
40,000 £1,200.00 / month
50,000 £1,500.00 / month
60,000 £1500.00 / month
70,000 £1,750.00 / month
80,000 £2000.00 / month
90,000 £2,250.00 / month
100,000 £2,500.00 / month
Number of Minutes Monthly
250 N/A
500 £5.00 / month
1,000 £9.00 / month
2,000 £16.00 / month
4,000 £25.00 / month
10,000 £50.00 / month
20,000 £80.00 / month
30,000 £120.00 / month
40,000 £160.00 / month
50,000 £200.00 / month
60,000 £240.00 / month
70,000 £280.00 / month
80,000 £320.00 / month
90,000 £360.00 / month
100,000 £400.00 / month

All prices exclusive of VAT

Once the minutes of a UK landline bundle have been exhausted, additional minutes will be charged at the same bundle pence per minute rate.

Hardware Costs (Optional)
It is not mandatory to have VoIP hardware to receive or make call.

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1 you can download a soft phone free of charge and use on any PC or MAC
  • Option 2 You can download an app for your tablet or smartphone
  • Option 3 You can purchase a hardware adapter that will allow you to connect a standard telephone and convert it to become VoIP enabled.
  • Option 4 You can purchase a cordless VoIP base station and handset.
  • Option 5 You can purchase an executive hardware VoIP desk phone
  • Option 6 You can diverts calls to any landline, mobile or Skype IN number.

Software Costs (Optional)
We will support many types of Softphones / Apps for PCs / Mac / Tablets / Smartphones / IOS devices. Please visit our Softphone page for more details.There is no specific software required for this package however access to an internet enabled device is recommended to be able to change divert destinations, service your account, and view call logs

Add-on Features Costs (Optional)

    Live Answering Service. You can opt to divert your calls to any live answering service. We can recommend two to suit your needs.

      The first is a pay as you go service and is charged at £3 per month + VAT, payable 6 months in advance and answered calls are charged (.58p) Per 30 seconds +VAT
      The second is a pay monthly service that acts as a receptionist, giving you the ultimate control and starts at just £37 + VAT per month. Click here for more details.

    Voice to text. We have a built in voice to text service that will convert voicemail messages into an email and SMS. Click here for more details.
    You can also integrate any 3rd party voice to text service or indeed any other service that sits on a landline or mobile telephone.

Multi-User Call Forwarding Terms and conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) shall govern the agreement between Callsure (“us” or “we”) and the individual or organisation applying for the provision of the Goods or Services (“you”).
1.2 Our registered office and correspondence address …
1.3 You can contact us by email …
1.4 We explain in the headings what each clause covers. These headings are for guidance only and are not intended to be legally binding.
1.5 These Conditions take precedence if inconsistent with the material on our Website.
1.6 The following have particular meanings in these Conditions:


“Acceptable Use Policy” means our guidelines for acceptable use made available at … which may be amended from time to time;
“ADSL Broadband Services” means the data connectivity Services available for purchase from Callsure which allows authorised users to access the public Internet over conventional copper telephony cabling and includes Advanced Broadband, Premier Broadband, and Premier Plus Broadband packages or any other such package or service (including replacements or substitutions to the current offering) which Callsure may make available from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and Fibreline circuits are not ASDL services;
“Agreement” means the General Terms and the Specific Terms applicable to the Services which you have chosen together with the Fair Use Policy and any other documents referred to herein;
“Cancellation Period” means the period in which You may terminate the contract without incurring obligations and/or associated charges as set out under statute;
“Data” includes information, documents, text, software, music, sound, photography, messages, and other material of any kind in any form;
“Goods” means the goods described on the Website and which we agree to sell to you;
“Internet” means the global data network comprising interconnected networks to which we are connected and provide access to you via the Services;
“Minimum Period” means the charges and fees levied by Callsure to You for the supply of Services for an initial period of time starting from the Start Date for the relevant Callsure Service. These charges apply regardless of whether you terminate the Agreement prior to the expiration of that period and they will continue to accrue and be owed by You for the remainder of the period;
“Personal Data” means Data about any identified or identifiable living person;
“Registry” means either … , … or … , or any other domain names registry that we choose to use from time to time;
“Regulations” means the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000;
“Services” means the services described on the Website (including access to the Website and Control Panel) and which we agree to provide to you;
“Start Date” means when either (i) We have sent you confirmation by email that we have activated the Service(s) or (ii) when You first start to use the Service(s), whichever of these happens first;
“Website” means our web presence at … (including any associated website, web-page, or sub-page of the Callsure platform) and other locations at which we advertise from time to time.

2.1 We reserve the right on giving prior notice on the Website to alter these Conditions at any time (including altering our Acceptable Use Policy and other policies).
2.2 Any renewal of the Services will in any event be subject to our then current Conditions.

3.1 This Agreement will not start until We have completed a number of checks including (but not limited to) geographical coverage, credit, telephone line and an activation check. If following our checks, We are satisfied that we are able to provide the Service(s) the Agreement will commence on the Start Date, although Our obligations will be subject to clause 5. However, Your obligations to us regarding any Goods will start the day you receive that Goods pursuant to clause 6.
3.2 For the purposes of the Regulations:

    3.2.1 The supplier shall be …;
    3.2.2 The address of the supplier shall be the correspondence address as set out in clause 1.2 above;
    3.2.3 Prices on the Website are updated periodically and cannot be guaranteed for any period of time and every effort is made to ensure prices are correct at the point at which the consumer places an order.
    3.2.4 Any complaints should be sent in writing to the supplier’s correspondence address.

3.3 A consumer will, subject to any exceptions or exclusions set out in the Regulations, be entitled to cancel the Agreement by serving a written notice of cancellation on us at any time during the following Cancellation Periods:

    3.3.1 In the case of Goods, within seven working days after the day on which the consumer receives the Goods;
    3.3.2 In the case of Services, within seven working days after the date you enter into a contract with us.

3.4 In the event of cancellation by the consumer Goods should be returned to the supplier’s correspondence address. The consumer will be liable for the costs of returning such Goods or the costs of the supplier in recovering such Goods unless the consumer has a right to reject the Goods under a term of these Conditions or under statutory right (including any right under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations).
3.5 The consumer will not be entitled to cancel any contract for the supply of Services once the performance of the Services has begun.
3.6 Please note that we begin to perform certain Services, such as registration or renewal of certain domain names and website hosting, within 24 hours after you place your order.

4.1 You must:

    4.1.1 keep your username and password secure (and we may change these at any time for good reason);
    4.1.2 if requested use your username and password when giving instructions (and we are authorized to comply with instructions containing your username and password);
    4.1.3 take reasonable steps in respect of matters in your control to minimize any risk of security breaches in connection with the Services;
    4.1.4 notify us of any unauthorised access to your account which you believe may affect the overall security of our systems; and
    4.1.5 comply with our security checks and authorise us to run automated scanning checks from time to time to help identify possible security vulnerabilities in your hardware and/or software configurations in connection to which Callsure Services are supplied. The information visible to us when running these checks is limited to what would be available to any other user on the public internet and these checks are carried out purely with a view to improving your security. Any associated Data visible to us shall be used solely for determining levels of security and shall be handled in accordance with clauses 13 and 14 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.1 We will supply the Services with reasonable skill and care.
5.2 However, we do not guarantee:

    5.2.1 that the Services will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free; or
    5.2.2 that any Data generated, stored, transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services will be complete, accurate, secure, up to date, received or delivered correctly or at all.

5.3 We do not provide a back-up of your Data or guarantee the integrity of your Data; however, we will use our reasonable endeavours to provide copies of Data for disaster recovery purposes.
5.4 We may have to suspend the Services for repair, maintenance or improvement without prior notice. If so, we will restore them as quickly as is reasonably practicable.
5.5 Specific Conditions on the Provision of Telephony Services and Emergency Calls

By purchasing our Telephony Services (VoIP) you confirm that you understand that our services:

    5.5.1 may not offer all of the features you may expect from a conventional phone line;
    5.5.2 may sometimes be unavailable as a result of things over which we have no control, for example, the weather, power disruptions and failures of your internet service provider (ISP) or broadband connection and you understand that in such circumstances all services (including 999/112 public emergency call services) will also be unavailable;
    5.5.3 Where you use Callsure VoIP Goods and Services not in conjunction with Callsure broadband Goods and Services (this typically being a router and broadband connection), there may be a greater likelihood of connectivity problems. These problems may affect quality of service, as well as reliability and robustness of service available via your Callsure VoIP package.
    5.5.4 Connectivity to the public emergency services is subject to 5.5.2 above and, the phone number and location details will be provided only to the extent that is technically feasible. As a result, you may have to provide your location information and phone number verbally to the operator.
    5.5.5 Where you use your Callsure VoIP service outside of mainland England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you may not be connected to the domestic emergency services upon dialling the appropriate emergency number.
    5.5.6 For each Callsure VoIP extension or trunk that you utilise, you must register with Us the physical location where you will be using the Service. Your initial location will be registered as a part of subscribing to Callsure Services. It is your responsibility to maintain the accuracy of your location address via your online account if there are any changes. If you do not update us with changes, it may or may not be possible for emergency operators and authorities to identify your location and phone number when you dial 999/112. When you dial 999/112 you will need to state your location and phone number promptly and clearly, as emergency operators and authorities may not have this information.
    5.5.7 Emergency operators and authorities may or may not be able to identify your phone number in order to call You back if the call is unable to be completed, is dropped or disconnected, or if You are unable to speak to tell them your phone number and/or if the Service is not operational for any reason. Emergency operators and authorities may also not be able to hold your line open in the event that You hang up.
    5.5.8 You agree to inform potential users of the Services of the above limitations and You understand and accept that you should always have an alternative means of accessing 999/112 emergency services.
    5.5.9 If Callsure suspends or terminates the Service You may NOT be able to dial 999/112. In the event that You do not have any remaining credit on your Callsure account, You will still be able to make 999/112 calls.

5.6 Whenever you visit our Website (through any device), you accept and agree with our Cookie Policy which may be updated from time to time

6.1 Delivery Dates & Payment

    6.1.1 Dates for Delivery and installation are estimated only and cannot be guaranteed.
    6.1.2 Payment for Goods supplied by us is pursuant to clause 18.

6.2 Risk and Title to Goods

    6.2.1 Risk shall pass to you on delivery, but the Goods shall remain our property until such time as full payment has been received.
    6.2.2 You must inspect the Goods immediately upon receipt and raise a return under our returns management process by contacting technical support via email or telephone. Damaged or faulty Goods cannot be returned without a valid returns reference number.

6.3 Delivery

Once we notify you that the Goods are ready for delivery or tending delivery of the Goods you shall agree to accept delivery of the Goods forthwith. If you fail to give proper instructions (a correct location being the minimum proper instructions) or to accept delivery as aforesaid you shall be deemed liable for all costs incurred by us as a result of such failure which shall become immediately due and payable on demand but such liability shall not affect your obligation to purchase the Goods or our right to damages for breach of such obligation.

6.4 Damage to Goods in transit

    6.4.1 We shall have no liability in respect of Goods lost or damaged in transit unless and until you note such loss or damage on the delivery receipt and gives notice thereof to us and the carrier within five working days of delivery or shorter period as may be required by the carrier’s conditions of carriage.
    6.4.2 Our liability in respect of Goods lost or damaged in transit shall be limited to replacing such Goods.

6.5 Guarantee and Exclusion of Liability for Goods

    6.5.1 Goods supplied by us typically carry a 1 year guarantee provided by the manufacturer, unless otherwise stated.
    6.5.2 You shall not be entitled to claim under the guarantee unless the Goods have at all times been stored and used in a proper manner in proper conditions in accordance with any instructions supplied as to their use and with normal practices relating to Goods of the type in question.
    6.5.3 You shall give immediate notice to us of any defects in the Goods falling within the guarantee.
    6.5.4 Our liability under the guarantee is limited to the replacement of the defective item or to the repair of any defect caused by defective workmanship. We shall not be liable for any loss of profits or damages or expenses occasioned by such defects.
    6.5.5 Save as aforesaid we give no guarantee as to the Goods but we will use our best endeavours to secure for you the benefit of any guarantee, warranty or assurance provided by the manufacturer of the Goods.
    6.5.6 We shall have no further liability in respect of the Goods or any other defects therein (including liability for negligence) and all conditions and warranties whether express or implied by law as to the quality of the Goods or their fitness for a particular purpose or as to the design, workmanship and manufacture thereof and the materials used therein or as to the validity of patents or licences or otherwise in any way are hereby expressly excluded except to the extent that this paragraph may be held not to satisfy any requirement of reasonableness imposed by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof.
    6.5.7 We shall have no liability for any information or advice given in connection with the supply of Goods.
    6.5.8 Except to the extent that this paragraph may be held not to satisfy any requirement of reasonableness imposed by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof we shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the Goods whether as a result of their operation or use or otherwise and whether as a result of any defect therein or otherwise and the customer shall indemnify the Company against any claim ensuing from any such injury damage or loss.
    6.5.9 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing we shall not be liable for any consequential loss including but not limited to loss of profits.

6.7 Sale or Return

Title to any Goods supplied on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis shall pass to the customer in accordance with Rule 4, Section 18 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 but the risk in any such Goods shall pass to the customer in accordance with clause 6.2 hereof. You shall be deemed to have purchased any such Goods unless they are received by us within 30 days after delivery to you and at the expiration of such period full payment will become immediately due.

6.8 Returns

    6.8.1 Where you receive Goods as a Consumer, pursuant to the Distance Selling Regulations, you are required to take reasonable care of Goods you intend to return whilst in your possession.
    6.8.2 Where you receive Goods not as a consumer (that is, within the course of a trade or business) no Goods supplied by us shall be accepted for replacement without our prior consent. You must take reasonable care of such Goods whilst in your possession. This does not affect your statutory rights.

6.9 Overseas Customers

Unless otherwise agreed with us in writing you shall be responsible for all duties, levies, imposts, taxes or other liabilities arising on the exportation of the Goods from the United Kingdom and importation of the Goods overseas.

7.1 Callsure are committed to providing excellent service and endeavour to deal with any complaint fairly and within a reasonable period of time. However, should a customer remain dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, they are welcomed to contact us whereupon we will do our utmost to resolve the problem as quickly as is reasonably practicable. We operate a complaints procedure to help ensure that any complaints are dealt with efficiently and to your satisfaction. Should you wish to receive a hard copy of this Complaints and Dispute Resolution procedure, please email your request.

If you have a problem with the way we have sold, provisioned or delivered the service to you, you should:

In the first instance, telephone us on … or write via email. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours. Please ensure you retain the reference number for your conversation. Our customer service staff will do their utmost to successfully resolve any problems at that point. If, however, your problem cannot be resolved during the phone call, we will agree a course of action with you. If you remain unhappy with the way in which your complaint has been handed in the first instance, you may contact the Customer Service Manager via email mentioning your case reference number. They will respond and aim to resolve your complaint within 48 hours.
If the Customer Service Manager is unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you may escalate your concern to the Commercial Director and again if unsuccessful, to the Managing Director by email. In both cases, they will aim to respond to you within 48 hours.
Please note that in all cases, we ask that you mention your incident reference number in all correspondence, and that you work with our management team to resolve your concern. In the unlikely event that your complaint has not been resolved by Callsure to your satisfaction within a period of eight weeks, or if during the process of investigating your complaint you believe the situation has reached a deadlock.

7.2 Porting compensation policy:

For customers taking telephony services from Callsure in their personal, non-business capacity, in the unlikely event that you port your telephone number(s) into Callsure and there is a qualifying delay constituting an abuse of the porting process, compensation may be available.

A qualifying delay is broadly defined as a customer’s number port failing to be successfully activated within one working day of the confirmed date of porting. This is the date on which the port is scheduled to be activated and will have been confirmed by Callsure in advance.

The level of compensation payable by Callsure to you for a qualifying delay is fixed at 1/40th of the Callsure porting fee for each working day by which the port activation is delayed. The compensation is payable in relation to each porting order submitted to and accepted by Callsure, regardless of how many numbers are included on that order and whether or not they were also subject to the delay.

Please note: compensation is not payable automatically and must be specifically requested by a qualifying end user within 30 days of the day on which the relevant number port was activated.

Please email to enquire whether compensation is payable.

8.1 You must comply with our reasonable instructions and requests concerning the Services.
8.2 You must provide us with up to date contact details of one or two named representatives with whom we are authorised to deal (including email addresses) and promptly notify us of any changes. We rely on this information for various reasons including the transmission of renewal notices and other important information concerning the Services.
8.3 You must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and bring it to the attention of your authorised users.
8.4 You are responsible for all persons who use your username and password to access the Services, whether authorised or not, unless acting on our behalf.
8.5 There is a risk that Data generated, stored, transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services may be irretrievably damaged or lost if there is a fault or on suspension or termination. You must frequently back-up all such Data that you wish to save.

9.1 You must refrain from transferring any illegal material or engage in unlawful activities via your use of the Services.
9.2 You must refrain from sending menacing, offensive, defamatory, obscene, indecent or abusive messages or telephone calls whilst using the Services.
9.3 You must not use or permit the usage of the Services in a manner that is inconsistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.
9.4 You must not make available or upload Data via your use of the Services that contain a virus, worm, trojan or other malicious Data or download any disabling or harmful devices.
9.5 You must not use the Services to send bulk unsolicited commercial emails or telephone calls.
9.6 You warrant that your use of the Services will not infringe any third party intellectual property or other rights.
9.7 You must not embark on any course of action, whether by use of your website, telephone or any other means, which may cause a disproportionate level of activity (for example, causing mail bombs, denial of service attacks or encouraging large numbers of inbound phone calls) without providing us at least seven day’s prior notice in writing. If you give notice or we otherwise become aware of such disproportionate use we may:

    9.7.1 move your service to a dedicated service and charge our then current rate as detailed on our Website; or
    9.7.2 terminate some or all of the Services forthwith.

9.8 For an Internet Telephony Service, we consider the use of more than 2 concurrent channels per phone number to be a disproportionate level of activity.

10.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that “Content” (meaning Data placed on our servers by you or on your behalf or third party data facilitated by you, for example, chat rooms or discussion groups) is “server-ready” (including virus free) and will function satisfactorily.
10.2 You bear sole responsibility for all Content. We do not, and are not obliged to, check Content. Our rights to remove and take other steps in relation to Data are without prejudice to this sub-clause 10.2.

11.1 You are bound by all present and future applicable terms and conditions of the relevant Registry.
11.2 You hereby grant us the authority to act as your agent in relation to the registration of your domain name with a Registry.
11.3 Domain names that are not renewed will be cancelled.
11.4 With respect to renewal of domain names, we will:

    11.4.1 notify you of any renewal notices received by us; and
    11.4.2 use our reasonable endeavours to renew domain names which by the renewal date you have specifically asked us in writing to renew.

11.5 There is no charge for the transfer of your domain name to another Internet service provider. However you agree that we do not have to transfer your domain names to a new Internet service provider until you have paid all outstanding debts to us.

12.1 If you subscribe to our email protection services (e.g. virus or spam filtering) we will use our reasonable endeavours to detect and, if appropriate, filter all viruses and other unwanted email identified from time to time when attached to incoming or outgoing emails (as subscribed), however, we cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy in our virus or filtering systems.

13.1 We may access, copy, preserve, disclose, remove, suspend or delete any Data:

    13.1.1 if we are required to do so by applicable law or competent authority; or
    13.1.2 for the purposes of registration of domain names with a Registry; or
    13.1.3 if it is otherwise permitted under these Conditions; or
    13.1.4 if such Data is prohibited under these Conditions.

14.1 We will process your Personal Data only in compliance with our privacy policy.
14.2 You consent to such processing and confirm that you have shown our privacy policy to, and obtained similar consent from, any third party individuals whose Personal Data you have supplied to us and will continue to do so in the future.

    14.2.1 Data Retention

    This section makes reference to, and should be read alongside, our Privacy Policy.

    All Personal Data is retained and otherwise handled in a manner fully compliant with principle 5 of the Data Protection Act 1998.

    4.2.2 Personal Data which is retained by Callsure In relation to VoIP Services provided by Callsure, We store voicemail, call recordings, call data records, invite logs, invoices and received faxes. In relation to web hosting Services provided by Callsure, We store home directories and web logs. In relation to email Services provided by Callsure, We store POP3 / IMAP mailboxes, exchange mailboxes, mail logs and stale mailboxes – a stale mailbox being one where You have deleted the mailbox from the Control Panel but the emails and files remain on disk.

    4.2.3 Period of retention of Personal Data Call records will be retained for 12 months – voicemail , voicemail for old and new customers, received faxes and call recordings will all be kept for a period of 2 weeks. In the case of email Services, mail logs will be kept for a period of 30 days. In the case of web hosting Services, web logs are deposited each night in customer home directories, the extent being determined by the confines of normal user quotas.

15.1 Nothing in these Conditions in any way excludes or restricts our liability for negligence causing death or personal injury or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for anything which may not legally be restricted. Nor does it affect consumers’ statutory rights.
15.2 Our liability in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in connection with these Conditions for any one event or a series of events is limited to the price of the Goods, or 125% of the payment we received from you for the Services in the 12 months before the event(s) complained of.
15.3 In no event (including our own negligence), and even if we have been advised of the possibility of such losses, will we be liable for any:

    15.3.1 economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of revenue, profit, contract, business or anticipated savings);
    15.3.2 loss of goodwill or reputation;
    15.3.3 special, indirect or consequential loss; or
    15.3.4 damage to or loss of Data.

15.4 We have no liability for goods and services provided by third parties.
15.5 To the extent allowed by law, we exclude all conditions, terms, representations and warranties, whether imposed by statute or by law or otherwise, that are not expressly stated in these Conditions including, without limit, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose. Consumers’ statutory rights are unaffected.

16.1 You will indemnify us against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs (including reasonable legal fees) directly or indirectly related to your registration of or use of your domain names, the use of the Goods, your use of the Services or breach by you of these Conditions.

17.1 You must pay the fees (together with VAT and any applicable taxes) specified on our Website when you order Goods or order or renew any Services.
17.2 Payment for Goods may be made:

    17.2.1 by Direct Debit, cheque, BACS, credit card or debit card; and
    17.2.2 in advance or, if we agree to credit terms, within 14 days of our invoice.

17.3 Payment for the Services may be made:

    17.3.1 monthly or annually, by Direct Debit, credit card or debit card; and
    17.3.2 annually by Direct Debit, cheque, BACS, credit card or debit card; and
    17.3.3 in advance or, if we agree to credit terms, within 14 days of our invoice.

17.4 Payment must be made without deduction or set-off.
17.5 All fees are non refundable unless otherwise stated.
17.6 All fees remain payable where we suspend the Services in accordance with these Conditions.
17.7 We may impose a credit limit on your account and/or require a deposit as security for paying bills.
17.8 For the avoidance of doubt, Services purchased which are subject to advanced payment (as clearly described on the relevant product page of the Website) and are not cancelled within the Cancellation Period are not refundable and associated monies shall be used by Us to discharge our administrative expenses arising out of the termination of the Agreement.
17.9 Non-payment of services:

    17.9.1 Callsure reserves the right to stop your Services and delete your account if you fail to pay for any such Services within the required time under these Conditions.
    17.9.2 When you purchase Services from us you will receive a welcome email and an accompanying invoice on that date (the ‘Purchase Date’). Payment for all purchased Services is due within 14 calendar days of the Purchase Date. Like all Communications Providers, we appreciate prompt payment from our customers.
    17.9.3 If you do not make payment within that time, the payment will be classed as overdue. Once the payment is overdue by 2 calendar days, we will email you (any emails sent will be to your nominated email account) notifying you of this fact and inviting you to make payment as soon as possible. From then on, we will email you with payment reminders every 6 calendar days unless and until payment is made. You will also receive written notification of late payment by letter (which shall be sent to the postal address you registered when signing up for our Services) within 7 calendar days of payment being overdue.
    17.9.4 If payment is still not received within 30 calendar days of the Purchase Date then your account and the Services will be placed on hold and will not be usable. This means you will be unable to use the internet or make telephone calls using the Services provided by Callsure.
    17.9.5 If payment is still not received within 90 days of the Purchase Date, your account will be deleted and all Services will be incapable of reactivation.

18.1 All Services (except for ADSL Broadband Services) paid for either annually or monthly will be subject to initial contract periods of 12 months or 90 days respectively, and shall continue thereafter unless and until terminated in accordance with clause 18.2 and 18.3.
18.2 Subject to clause 18.1, either party may terminate this agreement (as regards some or all of the Services) at any time for any reason by giving to the other 30 days written notice.
18.3 We may terminate this agreement (as regards some or all of the Services) or suspend some or all of the Services immediately on written notice:

    18.3.1 if you breach any the terms and obligations under these Conditions and, if remediable, having received from us a written notice stating the intention to terminate these conditions if not remedied, fail to remedy the breach within 14 days;
    18.3.2 if you are subject to a resolution for winding up or a petition for bankruptcy or liquidation or there is a proposal or you enter into any arrangement or composition with your or for your creditors or a receiver or liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy is appointed over you or any of your assets or any similar circumstances; or
    18.3.3 if we are required to do so by a competent or regulatory authority.

18.4 On termination of this agreement or suspension of Services for any reason:

    18.4.1 we will immediately stop supplying, and will terminate access to, the relevant Services. This may involve irretrievable damage to or loss of Data generated, stored, transmitted or used via or in connection with the Services and / or we may destroy any such Data;
    18.4.2 all licenses granted by us to you will terminate;
    18.4.3 any fees due remain payable and, if already paid, will be non-refundable unless you have cancelled this agreement in accordance with clause 3.1;
    18.4.4 your accrued rights and liabilities will be unaffected.

19.1 We both agree not to use for any purpose apart from this agreement or disclose any Confidential Data received from the other party. “Confidential Data” means Data identified as, or which clearly is, confidential.
19.2 This clause does not apply to Data which:

    19.2.1 enters the public domain other than through breach of this clause;
    19.2.2 is or becomes independently known to the receiving party free from any confidentiality restriction;
    19.2.3 is required to be disclosed by applicable law or competent authority;
    19.2.4 is reasonably disclosed to employees, suppliers or others for the proper performance of these Conditions;
    19.2.5 is reasonably disclosed to professional advisers; or
    19.2.6 we are otherwise permitted to disclose in accordance with these Conditions.

20.1 You should send any notices under these Conditions to the correspondence address, fax or email address given at the top of these Conditions.
20.2 We shall send any notices in accordance with the most recent contact information which you have provided to us.
20.3 Notices may be sent by hand, recorded delivery, fax or email and shall be deemed to be received:

    20.3.1 by hand – when delivered provided handed to a senior employee;
    20.3.2 recorded delivery – five days after posting;
    20.3.3 fax – when the sender receives an error-free transmission report; or
    20.3.4 email – on the day sent unless the contrary is proved.

21.1 These Conditions represent the entire agreement of the parties relating to its subject matter. It supersedes all prior agreements and representations (unless fraudulent) and you acknowledge that that no reliance is placed on any representation made but not embodied in these Conditions, save for those made fraudulently. We are not bound by, nor should you rely on, any oral representations or representations by any agent or employee of any third party you may use to apply for our Services.
21.2 If any part of these Conditions is deemed void for any reason, the offending words shall be deemed deleted and the remainder shall continue in full force.
21.3 You may not assign these Conditions or subcontract or resell any of the Services without our prior written consent. We may assign these Conditions or subcontract any of the Services.
21.4 We shall not be liable for failure to perform or delay in performing any obligation under these Conditions if the failure or delay is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to failure of any communications, telecommunications or computer system.
21.5 No firm, person or company which is not a party to these Conditions shall have any right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any provision of these Conditions.
21.6 The failure to exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy under these Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the right or remedy.
21.7 Nothing in these Conditions shall be construed as creating a partnership or joint venture of any kind between us.

22.1 This agreement is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.

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Upgrade Paths

This is when you redirect any calls to a certain number (provided by us) to another landline or mobile phone number. You can also choose to send calls to a VoIP device. You cannot divert calls directly to a Skype ID however you can divert calls to a Skype phone number or Skype to go number.

You can divert to any phone number anywhere in the world. Costs vary depending on location chosen.

VoIP is way to receive and make calls whilst using the internet as a carrier rather than tradition copper wire telephone lines. This results in much cheaper calls and the ability to use many, many more switchboard type features in conjunction with VoIP telephones, landline phones, mobile phones, and software / apps.


A few typical examples are:

download a soft phone to your PC or MAC, configure it to our settings, connect the PC or Mac to your broadband and make or receive calls

Purchase a hardware VoIP phone, connect it to your broadband router either through a land cable, ethernet over power switch, or use a VoIP base station connected directly to your router with cordless VoIP handsets.

It is really simple, just a matter of signing to your control panel and clicking a few buttons and typing in your new destination phone number and then saving.

No there are no additional charges though the PPM (Pence Per Minute) Rate may vary dependent on the following factors: Destination country, whether the number is a landline or mobile, and in some cases the time of day.

Yes you can receive calls for FREE using a VoIP device or you can divert to a landline or mobile for a fixed cost using our minutes bundles.

You can refer to our detailed costs in the tabs above or click here.

There a number of ways to handle missed calls.

  • Send calls to a voice mail…
  • Send calls to a live answering service..
  • Send calls to another member of your team…
  • Place callers in a queue…
  • Send callers to a hunt group…
  • Send callers to an out of hours voicemail box which plays a detailed message…
  • Send calls to voice menu. or diver Calls to your own mobile or landline voicemail service.

You will also be able to see the callers number on your caller display (if activated) on your phone or you can refer to the call logs within your control panel / handset.

Using a VoIP device, you will automatically know this call is for your business, however if you run ,multiple businesses from the same VoIP handset, you can tag the call so that the business name appears on the caller display.

You will also see the caller ID of the caller. If you decide to receive calls to your landline or mobile, you can choose to display the number we provide you on your caller display and if you save that number in your contact list, it will show whatever name you want associated with it.


Or you can choose to display the callers number and refer to call logs.


If having a call whisper is essential to your business then you should not choose this service. Instead please try our Super Switchboard Service

Yes you can make outbound calls using a VoIP device. The price of the call is based around our UK calling rates. Even if you are in darkest Peru making a call, then you will still be called at the same rate as if you were calling from the UK.

  • Option 1 you can download a soft phone free of charge and use on any PC or MAC
  • Option 2 You can download an app for your tablet or smartphone
  • Option 3 You can purchase a hardware adapter that will allow you to connect a standard telephone and convert it to become VoIP enabled.
  • Option 4 You can purchase a cordless VoIP base station and handset.
  • Option 5 You can purchase an executive hardware VoIP desk phone
  • Option 6 You can diverts calls to any landline, mobile or Skype IN number.

Software Costs (Optional)
We will support many types of Softphones / Apps for PCs / Mac / Tablets / Smartphones / IOS devices. Please visit our Softphone page for more details. There is no specific software required for this package however access to an internet enabled device is recommended to be able to change divert destinations, service your account, and view call logs AND ADD OUR SERVICE WILL ALSO DIVER TO TO ANY LANDLINE OR MOBILE IN THE WORLD


This package allows you to:

  • Receive calls FREE of charge to VoIP enabled devices
  • Make calls based on UK tariffs no matter where you are in the world
  • Set up phones for other VoIP devices in single or multiple locations and remain connected to the same telephone network
  • Allow operators to have freedom to work from home or any other location with a stable internet connection
  • Works in hotels, airports, cafes, and other places where business might be conducted
  • Import any phone number that you have license to and use it as your outbound caller ID
  • Set up DDIs for individual users
  • Set up separate telephone numbers for marketing activities
  • Set up call barring rules to get rid of annoying nuisance calls
  • Divert to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world
  • Create custom welcome messages to greet your customers
  • Set up multiple voicemail boxes
  • Create a library of voice prompts for use throughout the system, including welcome messages and outgoing messages
  • Create hunt groups to allow groups of operators to pick up calls
  • Create queues to facilitate more efficient customer call flow
  • Create voice menus to send callers to specific departments within your organisation or to a recorded message
  • Create conference rooms to allow multiple attendees to participate in a telephone meeting
  • Route calls based on Caller ID of the caller, allowing you to identify and route calls based on location of the caller or any part of the telephone number
  • Give routing specific instructions based on the day of the week or month
  • PIN access control, allow callers to contact you only after they have entered A PIN (particularly useful for dial by extension number or tiered support)
  • Record inbound and outbound calls
  • Tag incoming calls with customisable names so you can identify the nature of the call before the call is picked up
  • Upload any music to which you have the copyright or is royalty free
  • Integrate APIs for websites, call me buttons, and SMS responses
  • Online account management
  • Online call logs
  • Service your account using direct debit, recurring credit / debit card mandate, manual card top up, bank transfer
  • Low credit alerts for pay as you go customers
  • Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and most other credit / debit accepted except AMEX and American Express
  • Change divert destinations easily through an online control panel
  • Send and receive SMS supported


This package allows you to:

  • Have a sophisticated phone system with hundreds of features for the fraction of the price and only pay the users who are active on your system
  • Gain complete control of your call routing by using VoIP menus, hunt groups, call queues and time of day routing
  • This package is a cloud based hosted telephone system, which means there is no need for expensive hardware or maintenance costs
  • A typical BT phone system with four lines would cost approximately £60 + VAT whereas our system with 4 users would cost just £16 + VAT
  • This system means you can take your telephone number with you when you move premises with no fuss and no disruption
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Receive calls for FREE wherever you have broadband
  • Work wherever you have access to a telephone, be it a mobile or landline
  • Organise your workforce effectively and efficiently using time of day routing
  • FREE calls between employees
  • You can port your existing number over to us for this service
  • Easily change divert destinations by typing the number of your new destination and clicking save
  • Answer your phone differently and in a more professional manner based on the information that will flash on your screen before you connect to the caller
  • sign up to a recurring card mandate or direct debit so you never run out of credit, or stay in control of your budget with its pay as you go top up service and its low credit alert system
  • purchase telephone numbers from any part of the UK to appear local to your customer
  • attract more business having local numbers in multiple areas
  • use any type of phone device, including:
    • Standard landlines
    • Business switchboards
    • Mobile phones
    • VoIP devices

  • Reduce roaming costs by diverting your mobile to one of our numbers and then divert our number to a local sim card in the country that you are visiting
  • Track any calls to the number we have supplied, enabling you to track specific advertising campaigns where the number appears
  • View your call logs online to know the profile of your calls. Get important information such as time of day where you get the most calls, the length of your calls, etc. This data might improve your time management and tell you best how to allocate available resources
  • Get a memorable number (optional extra cost) and stand out from the crowd