hiw_icon2Call Forwarding is simply being able to forward any call to a different telephone number. The number can be diverted to any other landline or mobile number no matter where the destination number is located anywhere in the world. There are different costs to divert to different destinations.

Charges are different for each packages and are dependent on the type of number used for the call diversion and the destination of the call. The features available on our call forwarding services range from very simple to extremely sophisticated. Choose the package which best suits your business. Please note all services below include online call logs, account management and a control panel.


Simply Call Forwarding

This service simply diverts calls from a number we provide (or one ported to us) to the destination of your choice.

Advanced Call Forwarding / VoIP

This is a simple hybrid telephone service that combines call forwarding, single user VoIP and voicemail.

Super Call Forwarding

The most comprehensive hybrid call forwarding / VoIP package on the market. Includes call diversion, VoIP, call whisper, voicemail and outbound calling from any device.

Multi-User Call Forwarding / VoIP

A comprehensive switchboard style call management and call routing service with multiple included features. These features include time of day routing, voice menus, hunt groups and much much more.

Follow Me Call Forwarding

Super Switchboard Call Forwarding

A unique hybrid switchboard with call forwarding and VoIP capabilities for multiple users. This is very cost effective, versatile, and perfect for all sizes of businesses. Key features include multifunctional hunt groups where calls can be received simultaneously to landlines, mobiles, and VoIP devices.

Virtual Switchboard Call Forwarding

A traditional switchboard services which allows you to create a voice menu to direct callers to different departments in your organisation. e.g. press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts and press 3 for technical support. Uniquely this services also allows you to send callers to an information line where you can give details such as address, opening hours or special offers.