Here’s a fact: the way your company’s phone is answered when a customer or potential customer calls can make a dramatic impression for your business.

A Receptionist vs Professionally Recorded GreetingsVirtual_Phone_Number

Your company’s image is critical to your business and using professionally recorded greetings can be a deal breaker. The way your VRU and auto menus, voicemail greetings and hold messages sound can have a huge impact on how others see your company.

While hiring a receptionist can definitely add that human touch, you cannot be assured 100% that your hired employees will answer each and every call using the tone and word choice that you would prefer. Unless you record each call, and listen to each one, also many companies cannot afford the staff that it would take to man the lines. You also risk confusion, miscommunication, long hold times and wrong transfers. Overall, this will affect your customers’ experience and will create their impression of your company. Long hold times have been proven to cause customers to drop the calls, which means lost revenue.

Using a professionally recorded greeting for your business phone will help you make uniform greetings and messages so that you know exactly what your customers are being “told” during their initial contact. When you use an interactive voice response system, there are also less chances that the customer will be directed to the wrong department as the customers themselves will choose the department and respond by pressing a corresponding number or saying a short verbal response. This makes the experience faster and more efficient for the caller. There are many features that you can add to the initial phone greeting such as call waiting and voicemail recording.

Remember that if you wish to add that human touch, you can always an option for callers to get in touch with an operator.

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