Moving Premises? Want to Keep your Old Telephone or Fax Number?


  • Perfect for keeping your old number when you move premises (even outside your local area)
  • Save Money – pay as little as £4 per month. (BT charge over £100 per quarter for a simple call diversion from one exchange to another)
  • You can also save money when you move from a dedicated fixed fax line to our FAX to EMAIL service.
  • Switch Phone Providers to us (and you can keep your old number, EVEN IF YOU ARE MOVING ABROAD)
  • Porting is available for BT, Energis, Virgin Media (Telewest/NTL/Eurobell) and many VoIP numbers.
  • You can now port all BT and Virgin Media geographic area code telephone numbers. Non-geographic numbers beginning with 08 (e.g 0800, 0870, 0845) supplied by BT or Energis can also be ported. We regret that we cannot port Virgin Media non-geographic numbers beginning with 08.
  • We are also able to port numbers from some existing VoIP providers such as Sipgate and Vonage (providing you have their agreement to do so).
  • We can now port Skype numbers for many major cities in the UK – (e.g., London, Birmingham, and Manchester etc.)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Porting your Phone or Fax Number


  • Simply Call Forward – Forward a call to a single landline or mobile
  • Advanced Call Forward / VoIP – Forward a call to a single landline or mobile w/ voicemail and VoIP
  • Multi User Call Forward / VoIP – Large feature set which includes simple call forwarding and many other features too numerous to mention please click through for full explaination
  • SIP/IAX2 Trunks – We will supply a telephone number or numbers and point incoming calls at the IP address supplied by your server – onsite technology
  • Fax to Email

Can I Keep My Existing Number(s) ?

We can port fixed line and VoIP numbers from companies we have porting agreements with. Portable numbers should be live and have an active service with the current provider. If you are unsure whether the number is portable please contact the Porting team. We can migrate from the following companies:

  • BT Retail geographic and non-geographic numbers
  • BT Wholesale (e.g. OneBill Telecom) geographic and non-geographic numbers
  • Virgin Media (NTL / Telewest) geographic numbers only
  • Energis non-geographic only
  • Magrathea Telecom Clients (a wide variety of VoIP Companies included)
  • Gamma Telecom Clients (a wide variety of VoIP Companies included)
  • New – Skype IN numbers (Please check with us if your number qualifies)

Note it is possible to port all BT geographic area code telephone numbers and non-geographic BT numbers beginning with 08 (e.g 0800, 0870, 0845).


Online Number Lookup Facility

You can check who the operator is using the online Magenta Dialling Code Lookup here. Simply input your telephone number in the ‘Partial Telephone Number to Lookup’ field and then click on ‘Lookup Number’. The search result will display the ‘Operator’.


Porting Restrictions

The following circumstances will not prevent the export of a number:

  • Change number Interception (CNI)
  • Permanent call diversion
  • Subsequent ports (where a number has been previously ported from Virgin and now billed by BT)

The following circumstances will prevent the export of a number:

  • Numbers associated with a temporary service
  • Inactive numbers
  • A non-BT or Virgin Media account number (unless with another VoIP provider*)
  • A non-BT or Virgin Media provided number (unless with another VoIP provider*)
  • To port a SIP number we would require a letter of authorisation from the losing provider and also the letter of authorisation customer.

The cost for porting a single number is £20 +VAT.

The cost for up to 10 numbers is £20 per number +VAT.

If you have over 10 numbers to port, the cost will cap at £200 +VAT.

On top of the £20 porting fee you must also pay for the service that you move your number onto:


The following services are available:

  • Simply Call Forward which costs £4 per month +VAT plus call forwarding charges. Click here for more details
  • Advanced Call Forward / VoIP which costs £4 per month +VAT with no charges to receive calls via VoIP plus call / call diversion charges. Click here for more details
  • Multi User Call Forward / VoIP which costs £5 set up plus £8 per month +VAT. with no charges to receive calls via VoIP plus call / call diversion charges. Click here for more details
  • SIP/IAX2 Trunk which costs £4 per month +VAT with no charges to receive calls via VoIP plus call / call diversion charges. Click here for more details
  • Fax to Email which costs £10 set up plus £3 a month +VAT with no charges to receive faxes. Click here for more details

We are able to port international numbers, though it is best to talk to us first on 01753 624121 as prices do vary depending on country.


There is a cost of £20.00 per each rejection (the majority of the time this is because of incorrect completion of the form, so please take great care with the data you supply)


We recommend that you contact your existing supplier and get the following information directly from them:

  1. Installation address (this may be different from your billing or physical address and the term installation address is a telecoms industry term that is associated to your phone. So please do not guess this, as it is by far the greatest reason for a rejection fee.
  2. Please ask your supplier who their Network Service Provider is. This will help determine whether your phone number has previously been moved away from your original supplier. Often systems say something different then the reality and knowing this can save time and money. A real life example is that you may have your telephone services provided by Utility Warehouse and the Magsys System may indicate that your network service provider is BT however in actuality Utility Warehouse may have changed network service providers to someone like TalkTalk Business.
  3. Ask your supplier whether the telephone number that you are porting is classed as a single line or multi line (there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why a line might be a single or multi line, we strongly advise you speak with your supplier as this may have nothing to do with how many lines YOU have or what type of line you have).
  4. Please check with your supplier whether there are any other telephone numbers associated to the number in question (there have been occasions where a customer has tried to port a number only to find out there are numbers they were unaware of associated to the number they were porting. These numbers may not be billed to you but may have belonged to a previous tenant and the supplier may not have disassociated the number correctly.


Below are details on processing times for different types of numbers to be ported.

If there are any problems Callsure will contact you to advise. We cannot port on weekends.

  • Single line request – five working days
  • Multi line request (less than ten lines/numbers) – seven working days
  • Multi line request (more than ten lines/numbers) – seventeen working days
  • Simple DDI request – seventeen working days
  • Complex DDI request – twenty two working days

Below are approximate timescales when your current service provider outsources their services from a 3rd party

  • Single line SUP* request – seven working days
  • Multi line SUP* request (less than ten lines/numbers) – ten working days
  • Multi line SUP* request (more than ten lines/numbers) – twenty working days
  • Simple DDI SUP* request – twenty working days
  • Complex DDI SUP* request – twenty five working days

If your your number has been ported before (even if it was not from you) we may require additional time (typically between 7 and 25 working days) complete your request.

There is no loss of service when porting numbers as we give you a date and time for the port to take place. You should only cease your service with your current provider once your number has been moved and you have tested that calls are logging in your control panel.

Go to our online porting form or we can email you the form or call us on 01753 624121 In all cases, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Direct debit information, which will include: The name of account holder (as it appears on the statement), sort code, and account number.
  • You will need to send us a front page copy of your provider’s latest phone bill for the number(s) to be ported. Please make sure this includes the account number for your service (If you are not completing the form online, please fax the bill to 01753 208044 or email to ). Please also include your initial contact details as instructed.
  • There will be a set of detailed instructions on how to complete the form. We urge you to read this carefully and if you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please call us on 01753 624121. Unfortunately any incorrect information that you provide us will result in delays and extra charges. We prefer to get the information correct on the first occasion.
  • Along with your direct debit details and and contact information and latest bill, you will also need to send us a completed Porting Form. We prefer to receive all items in one email to ensure efficient processing.
Any numbers with services attached/associated to them (e.g. television, fax, broadband, and credit card machines) will cease when the number is ported over to us. If you wish to keep these services, you must arrange to transfer them to a new number with BT or Virgin Media before attempting to port, or contact us to arrange broadband through a new line.


If you have an alarm system such as Redcare, this alarm system service will need to cease BEFORE you submit a Porting Request

You may be able to Port Numbers from outside the UK, if they are provided by national carriers or companies like Verizon, Vox Bone, or Magrathea, however this can be a lengthy process, and have special pricing plans associated with them.


Please contact our sales team at 01753 624121


We are now able to port SkypeIN Numbers away from Skype for certain major cities.


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