Softphones-VS-Handsets-Which-Tool-Is-Right-For-You[1]To make use of any VoIP service you will need to make and receive calls using one of the following types of Device: Hardware VoIP Deskphone These phones usually cannot support PSTN lines.

This type of phone can only usually be used by connecting the phone to your Broadband/Fibre router using a LAN cable.

You can choose to plug the LAN cable directly from the phone to the router, or using one of the following devices to bridge between your phone and the Router.

    1. Network Switch
    2. Ethernet over Power Device

Please refer to individual User Manuals to see a full list of features available for each phone.

Cordless VoIP Phones

These phones comprise of a Base Station and Handsets.
The Base Station is connected to your Router via a LAN cable, and the phones wirelessly connect to the base station via the DECT protocol.
Many Base Stations can support up to 6 Handsets.

Usually a Cordless VoIP phone system can support 3 x Simultaneous VoIP calls and 1 x PSTN Call.
PSTN calls are achieved by plugging your Landline cable from the wall socket (RJ45) into the socket at the rear of the Base Station (RJ11)
You can configure many features of the phone system using a web based configuration tool.

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Softphones for PC/MAC

Softphones are virtual Telephones whereby you can make and receive calls on your PC/MAC or Laptop.
You will need a Computer with either a microphone and speakers, or Headset with built in Microphone or a USB phone.
Softphones are downloaded directly from the developers website and can be easily configured by entering 4 or 5 settings supplied by us into the Configuration settings of the Softphones.

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APPS on your Smartphone or Tablet

Similar to Softphones, however these are downloaded directly to your Smartphone or Tablet. As with most VoIP services these APPS can only reliably be used when your device is connected to Broadband/Fibre, and will not reliably work on the 3G or 4G mobile data networks.

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