Our systems enable you to get your voice prompts into your switchboard by one of two methods.


The first method is to record your voice prompt over the telephone and store it in a voice prompt library where it can be assigned its appropriate place in your switchboard .


The second method is to record your voice prompt using sound recording equipment in wave format and then upload your voice file to the voice prompt library where it can be used in the most appropriate place in your switchboard .

You can also opt to have your voice prompts professionally recorded by our in-house voice artist. There is a small charge for this service and is charged by the voice prompt .

Here are some working examples of the most common voice prompts required for a switchboard:

  • phone-99035_640Welcome message: “Welcome to ABC Ltd please listen carefully to the following options .”
  • Marketing message: “ABC Ltd is the foremost company for all of your alphabetical needs. We have some of the most perfectly formed letters you will ever need. Why not ask our representative to tell you all about how most popular letters of the alphabet .”
  • Voice menus: “please press one for sales, two for accounts, and three for customer services”
  • Department greetings: “You have reached the sales team for ABC Ltd Please hold while we connect your call”
  • Informational message: “Our email address is sales@abc.co.uk, and our website address is www.ABC.co.uk”
  • Voicemail messages: “Hi, you’ve reached the sales department of ABC Ltd. I’m sorry nobody is available to take your call please leave your name number and a brief message after the tone”.