Google voiceVoice menus within a telephone system help you to send your caller to the correct department based on the nature of their call. A typical example of would be when a caller hears an automated voice that says “please press one for sales, two for accounts and three for technical support”. The call is routed to the correct department and can be picked up by an individual or group of operators.

This can then lead to a second series of menus which splits down the choices for your customer even further depending on which key they press; such as when they can choose, say, broadband internet sales, cable TV sales, etc.

You can even create hidden options that allow callers such as in house engineers to get access to your operators without going through the same route as customers.

Voice Menus can link to the following other features:

  • Extensions
  • External Numbers
  • Hunt Groups
  • Time of Day Routing
  • CLI based Routing
  • Calendar based Routing
  • PIN Access control
  • Voicemail
Please note the above feature compatibility is based on Multi User Call Forwarding/VoIP, other packages may have different feature sets.

The following packages support the Voice Menus feature: