Map.mdHunt groups are a set of destinations to which a call can be sent. You can set the order in which the destinations can be called. You can also set the times of day that each destination will be called.

Hunt groups can include other types of routing, such as integrating a voice menu or queue within a hunt group, and deciding which times of day that the voice menu will be active. You can also determine what should happen to the call outside the hours that the voice menu is active. For instance, you may direct the call to go to voicemail whenever the voice menu is inactive.

Alternatively you can have the call routed to an off-hour live answering service.

mobappA typical hunt group will contain a series of telephone numbers or VoIP extensions, and when a call is routed through to the hunt group, it will try to connect the caller to the telephone numbers or extensions in the order set out in the Control Panel.

You can choose to have a series of voice over IP extensions accesible at exactly the same time. You can also choose to have the call connected to a group of landline or mobile numbers with voice mail disabled.

You can set a maximum duration for each leg of the call to be attempted, after this duration has expired the the hunt group will send the call to the next leg.

Hunt groups are used with the following packages: