callfwdDivert destinations are so-called because they are the endpoints of any routine plan. A divert destination can be landline, VoIP extension, mobile or a voicemail. Not all diverse destinations are the same, and can have different abilities attributed to them. For example:

If a call is sent to voicemail then the call will terminate there however if the call is sent to a VoIP destination then other things can happen to the call if that call is not answered by the extension.

Some of our packages treat divert destinations in different ways, for example a mobile phone destination will be a termination point with the following packages:

However the call can be further handled different ways on a landline or mobile divert destinations if the call is not answered by the user with the following packages:

For example with Super switchboard call forwarding/VoIP – if the call is not picked up by the first mobile it can make a second and third mobile ring at the same time can be sent to another landline or to a live answering service or even a combination of several services.