Caller ID Based Routing

caller idCaller ID Based Routing is a very powerful and multi-functional feature. The main purpose of Caller ID Based Routing is to route calls based on the telephone number of the caller… for example if you know the incoming caller ID of a customer or supplier you can create a rule that says:

If a call comes in from [Given Number] then send the call to [Given Destination]” which will in effect, send all calls that follow the rule to the right department, individual, queue or voicemail and enable you to utilise your staff more effectively.


Using Caller ID Based Routing as a Call Barring tool:

iphone-not-validated-iconYou should enter the number in the format they are displayed to you – i.e. for a UK number, 01112223344, rather than with a leading ’44’ or any other format. You can choose to bar a call by setting the rule to REJECT it, and the caller will simply be disconnected, or send the call to a predefined voicemail box so that the caller does not look for an alternative method of contacting you. You can set up the rule to handle specified numbers in one way, withheld numbers in another way and all other callers can go through to your chosen default route.

For New Businesses
Callers would call the number we supply you, and then calls would be routed as per the rule set.