call whisper iconCall whisper allows you to find out which number the caller has dialled before you connect to the caller, allowing you to answer the call with a more specific greeting. This is especially useful if you are running multiple departments or businesses through the same telephone, irrespective of whether it is a Landline, Mobile, PC/MAC Softphone Smartphone/Tablet APP, or VoIP Hardware Device.


All we have to play with before the call is answered is the CallerID – which we pass through just as normal.
However, to give extra information before committing to take the call, you may select to use a “whisper”. This is where the system tells you a little about the call (eg. it’s a call for “Fred Smith of the Sales team”).
This brief announcement can be skipped – just press “1” – but gives you the chance to answer the phone in a professional manner.
The whisper by default will be in a female voice and say “connect call for .
Note that most VoIP phones will have this information displayed on their screen.


If you select the “Whisper + 1 to accept” option, you can decide what to do with the call on the basis of the whisper.

  • Press 1 to take the call
  • Press any other number (eg. 2) to reject the call

If you hang up or simply ignore the message, the call will go elsewhere (eg. voicemail) but that might incur a delay to the caller.


This feature is also an important way to prevent callers being put through to a mobile phone network message or voicemail.


Call Whisper used with Super Switchboard

This feature has even more uses when enabled within a Super Switchboard service.
For example when a person in a department is picking up calls for multiple other departments, it may be important to know prior to connecting to the caller which department the call was originally intended for.