call recordCall recording is when you wish to record a telephone conversation and keep that record stored on your local PC. Our call recording service can be used for personal use or for business use. Typically it is used for training or security purposes. Some businesses may be obliged to keep a record of a telephone conversation for future use, this is typically because there is a necessity to refer back to the telephone conversation at a later date.

With our services you can choose to record either the incoming and outgoing parts of the call or just one part of the call. The call recording feature is activated on an extension by extension basis. This is accessed via the online Control Panel. There is an online library of calls that have been recorded however this is only stored from limited time. Users have the ability to download each recording, and store the recording to an external device or on the local PC.

In the UK it is a legal requirement to inform any party that is connected to the call that their conversation is being recorded. Typically this would be done at the beginning of the call via an automated message stating something like “please be aware that all calls are recorded for training and security purposes”.

Our system also facilitates the recording of this automated welcome message.

This feature is available on the following packages: