Our systems all contain extensive call logs allowing you to monitor who calls, dates, times, durations and costs.

These logs can also help you track the efficiency of any advertising or marketing campaigns.


provide the following data:

  • Date of Call
  • Time of Call
  • Caller ID (Unless withheld)
  • Inbound PSTN (Number that was called)
  • Destination (Where the call was answered if diverted)
  • Call duration
  • Cost (If diverted or an outbound call or 0800 number receiving call)


Super Call Forwarding/Voip and Super Switchboard

Provides the following data:

  • Begin Date  Date the call was made
  • Begin  Time the call was placed (GMT)
  • IO  Whether the call was inbound or outbound
  • Cnct  Time the call connected
  • Disc  Time the call disconnected
  • Ext  The extension number that made the call
  • CLI  Oubound caller’s line identification
  • DDI  The number called
  • Cnct/Dur/s  The length of the call
  • Charge/£x  The cost of switching the call