UK non-geographic numbers do not reveal the subscriber’s location and are typically associated to call centres or larger organisations. However, these numbers are available to individuals who wish to give their callers a greater perception of size. Typically, these numbers cannot be dialled reliably from outside the UK.

03xx Numbers

03 Numbers were recently introduced by OFCOM to replace 084xx and 087xx. Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as calling a UK landline no matter whether you use a landline or mobile to make the call.

0800 Freephone Numbers

0800 Freephone numbers are free to call from a UK landline and are typically used to attract sales. OFCOM will change regulations shortly so calls to these numbers will also be free from UK mobiles.

Revenue Generating

Earn revenue when customers call you and you receive their calls to a VoIP, UK Landline and some International landlines. Typically used for customer support lines.
0844 numbers – Earn as much as 1.2p per minute

0871 numbers – Earn as much as 4.5p per minute

* Calls to these number from mobiles are usually very expensive

Non Revenue Generating

Traditional low cost fixed rate phone numbers. Sometimes changed at a lower rate than calling a UK landline dependent on the callers service provider
0845 – Charged to the caller as low as 3p per minute

0870 – Charged to the caller as low as 7p per minute

* Calls to these number from mobiles are usually very expensive

070 Personal numbers

A range of numbers that was originally conceived when it was not possible to move your telephone number between different suppliers. These numbers allow you to have a single contact number that will divert to any landline or mobile without charge to you as a subscriber. Call charges to these numbers are considerably more expensive to the caller especially from a mobile as compared to other types of numbers