We supply virtual telephone numbers for all the major cities and towns in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We can reach even the most remote parts of the UK covering over 650 hundred area codes.

Please click on the box below and type in the area you are interested in. It will lead you to a page which shows all the packages available in that area.

If you require multiple areas please call us on 01753 624121

We cover all of the UK such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

UK-iconHistorically BT was the monopoly provider of all of the telephone numbers in the UK. Now there are many different telephone service providers, all of whom have been issued with telephone number ranging from OFCOM.

The numbers issued to all other providers including ourselves differ slightly from those issued by BT. For example in Slough, BT may offer a number starting with 01753 52xxxx, 01753 53xxxx, 01753 54xxxx where as we offer 01753 20xxxx, 01753 25xxxx, 01753 30xxxx and 01753 41xxxx.

Partially this is because numbers in certain ranges are running out. Other reasons are OFCOM also likes to offer complete number ranges to individual providers. Unfortunately telephone numbers for the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are only available through the communications providers on these islands themselves.

In the UK, London alone is responsible for approximately 22% of the nation’s GDP and accounts for 12.5% of the population. Therefore, we have created separate sections to give you more information and allow you to purchase London numbers. 0207 numbers were originally designed to cover just the central part of London, including the financial district and part of the west end.

Companies who have an 0207 number offer an instantly recognisable number that residents always feel comfortable calling.

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