London telephone numbers previously consisted of 3 area codes which cover the Greater and Inner London areas. Due to 0208 not longer being issued by OFCOM, we can only supply 0207 & 0203 numbers consistently. We have a few 0208 numbers at a premium price. Please call us at 0175 624 121.

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You can choose from a wide range of numbers including memorable ones. These numbers are available with a comprehensive selection of features depending on the package you choose. If you are unsure about which London area code you require, please use the tool below.

Buy Local Virtual 0207 Phone Numbers for London (Inner)

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Buy Local Virtual 0208 Phone Numbers for London (Outer)
In cases where a local area code might have used 0208, we can supply a 0203 number  as OFCOM is no longer issuing 0208 numbers and has supplemented them to cover all of London.
If having a 0208 number is important to your business, we do have a few in stock at a premium price. Please call us on 01753 624 121 or use the contact form below.


This lookup tool will show how the area codes were historically allocated, though in reality now only 020 exists for London.

However, many people still associate these exchanges with particular area codes. To accommodate this we provide a choice of numbers.


London exchange area lookup


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The commercial demographics for London, such as population, buying power, etc and having a local number / local presence will help get you more customers for your business.

Map of London

City: London

Country: England
County: Hampshire
Area code: 20
Short area Code: 020
Population: 13,614,409

  • Own: 5,107
  • Mortgage: 2,556
Social grade AM:

  • AB 3,285
  • C1 4,057
  • C2 1,944
  • D 1,728
  • E 1,523

Post code: GU34

London political party
shipbuilding, submarine cables, aerospace engineering, vehicle manufacturing, electronic and communication equipment, pharmaceutical and food industries
Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds London