We offer a limited range of telephone numbers that have:

  • no subscription fee
  • no set up free
  • and no diversion cost to UK Landlines

On a few ranges of numbers, there are no call diversion fees to UK mobiles and in some instances there are no changes to divert calls to international landlines or mobiles. In these cases all costs are borne by the caller or are covered by an annual subscription.

070 Numbers

070 telephone numbers are also known to many as Personal Numbers. They can divert free of charge to any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world.
There are no set-up or monthly fees. These numbers can also be set up as free fax services.

0871 Numbers

0871 telephone numbers are a quick and easy way to get an alternative number for your business. Many businesses use it to hide a private landline number.
There are no monthly charges, set-up fees nor any costs to divert to UK and many international landlines.